Thursday, June 16, 2016

week 101

Getting Close!

How has your week been?
My week was good.  We had divisions last week and I got to stay in
Carti and Elder Wrigley came out here.  He has been my DL for 5
changes now and he has done divisions with my companionship only once.  Oh
well, I guess he figures we are doing things right.

Tell me about fishing.
Here, they don´t use rods.  They just buy reels of line and tie a hook
on the end.  If they want big fish, they go out in their canoes to the
deep water and start fishing.  It is really interesting sometimes. My comp loves to fish.

Tell me about the ladies that own your house.
I don´t really know them.  One is really old and makes really nice
mola.  She only speaks kuna and if you can understand her, she is
really funny.  The other isn´t as old, only 60 something.  She speaks
basic Spanish and she is the one that talks to us.

Tell me about the food.
Normally, our food here is fried.  It is usually fish and platano.
Sometimes, we eat Dulemasi.  It is a kind of soup that I will explain
when I get home.

Tell me about teaching.
Here, you have to use examples and your very limited kuna vocabulary.
If you have ever heard really bad Spanglish, it gets worse with Kuna.

Do you have a calling at church?
I am the ¨Assistant¨ clerk.  I am trying to teach the real clerk how
to do tithing and stuff.

What was the best thing this week?
We are getting more people to come to church.

I'm doing good.  Just a little tired.  We just got back from a private island for p-day. The islands are really cool.  We just went to the Branch President´s
island to hang out.  It was fun.  There were lots of little cabins all
over it.  It is $60 per person per day.  Not too bad of a price. When we come back to visit, we can go there.  So for all three of us, it is $180 per day.  That includes
food and cabin.  Out there on those islands there is sand.  Here, it is just corral.

I am taking lots of pictures.  I will take pics of people this week. And I will try to be in some.
I will go in to the city next Monday.  I probably won´t email next week.  I have
to go to a couple of areas to say bye to people.

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