Friday, May 13, 2016

week 96

Mother's Day!

Andrew got to skype home on Mother's Day so no email this week. He was heading into the city to buy supplies and get himself a new camera this week. I told him to fill the memory card with pictures of the island!

The Skype connection was not great, but I got to see him smiling!!!

He is doing well. There was a storm that blew through the night (and day) before his call. It rained hard from 9pm to 5pm. The whole island was flooded, but fortunately he was still able to call. He said everyone had a foot of water standing in their homes. They cancelled church that day. He is on the second floor above a store, so no flooding but he said his roof leaks. Luckily hammocks dry quicker than a mattress would have.

He did tell me about a tradition in the islands. The grandmother of one of his friends died last week. He was able to see the traditions of their funerals. They do not embalm the bodies. Her body was kept in her home until the funeral the next day. They dig a grave about 6 ft deep, 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. They stand a stick at either end. Then they take the hammock of the person and lay it out. They place a tarp on it, then a sheet. They place the body on top and wrap the hammock around them. Then they go to the cemetery (on the mainland) and hang the hammock between the two sticks. They place boards above the hammock to protect the body and place a number of traditional mola clothing on top. Then they cover it with dirt. The clothes are because they believe they will need them in the next life. They still wear the traditional clothes daily on the island.  It was interesting to experience.

He is on his last transfer now. Time is flying by.

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