Tuesday, April 12, 2016

week 91

Carti Tupile

So how was the trip to the island?
It was good.  It was really long.  On Thursday night, we were packing
our clothes bags and our food bags.  When we finally finished that, it
was about midnight.  From there, we slept a few hours to be ready to
leave at 4:30 Friday morning.  When our driver showed up, we put
everything in the trucks and we were off.  We drove on the highway for
about an hour and a half.  Then, we got into the hill country.  I did
take pics, but I can´t send them with the internet here.  Also, I left
my camera in the car so I am waiting for the driver to bring it out to
me next transfer.  After an hour long roller coaster ride (or at least that is what
it felt like), we made it to port.  My comp was waiting there for me.
We loaded up our stuff into a small motorboat and we were off.  It was
about a 5 minute ride from port.  I won´t see any other missionaries for a
while.  The closest missionaries are 1.5 hours from here.  That is an
island called Narganá.  The locals call it Yandup because that is the
Kuna word for it.  It was a hard ride.  That was the worst car ride

Tell me about your island.
I can walk from one end of the island to the other in a couple of
minutes.  It is tiny and I think that I have met every single person
that lives here.  They are really humble and kind.  They are kinda
crazy, but it makes things fun.  We walk on narrow sand paths.  The
houses are everywhere.  We live in one of the only houses made of
cement. (cinderblock) Everyone lives in stick huts.

Tell me about where you live.
We live in the middle of the island.  It is kinda hot.  We eat
whatever we can.  Today for lunch, a member made us something called
Dulemasi.  That translates to Kuna food.  It is soup with plantain,
some kind of meat (today was pig tail), pumpkin, something called
yuka, and another vegetable called ñame.  We cook easy food.  It is
mostly canned stuff.  We have a gas stove.  We pay someone to do our
laundry.  We don´t have running water right now.  We are going to the
river to get water tomorrow.  We do have some electricity and lights.  In
the house, we have solar panels so it isn´t much. We have a spigot right outside the back door.  There is just a broken pipe somewhere so no water until that is fixed. We have a neighbor that has a well. We get water from her.  We have the second story of a house.  It is 3 small rooms. There is a store down stairs.

Do you stay on one island all the time or go to any of the others?
We pretty much stay on one island.  We can go to the other Carti
islands, but we can´t do that very often.  Our island is small. The other missionaries are in the islands
called Tikantiki, Nargana, Ukupa, Playon Chico, and Ustupu.

What is the ocean like?
The ocean has been pretty smooth lately.  There are small waves on
shore.  I will show you some shells when I get home.  I live in the
middle of the island.  It does smell like ocean.  It is mostly wet

Are you teaching people?
We haven´t taught yet.  We went and met some people.  We moved some
sticks on Saturday. I can understand some of the language, I just can´t speak it at all.  I am working on it. They think that I am enormous, but I don´t get the Big Man name, Elder Dastrup was on this island a while ago.

What was church like?
We only had a few people because of General Conference.  They are all
really cool members.  I had a friend in Cincuentenario and I met his
aunt a couple days ago.  She is funny.  She is also the one that
washes our clothes. We watched conference in Spanish and just the Sunday sessions.

How is your comp?
Good.  He has spent about a year of his mission on the islands. This is his second assignment here. He likes it. The people here call him Pipi suli.  Pipiwa is Kuna for small and suli is Kuna for no or not. They say that he is not small.  If they can´t say my name, I am Elder Nunud.  That is Kuna for head. We just choose to get rid of the Broad part or they will make fun of me. They like to tease.

Internet is hit and miss depending on the weather. We may not get an email every week, It is wait and see. And no pictures yet.

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