Monday, April 4, 2016

week 90

and again...

SO.....Where at you going????
I am going to an area called Carti Tupile.  It is in the San Blas Zone. It is one of the smaller islands.  There are about 1000 people.  I will mostly be teaching, but I want to do lots of service. We go out there on boat.  We stay on our own islands except for divisions and Zone Conference.  I will buy a new SD card and leave my old one in the city to make sure the old pictures are ok. They do speak the Kuna language and I will need to learn at least conversational talking. I know a little bit, but not enough to hold a conversation. On Carti, I will have to go to the tribal meetings once per week.  We leave the city on this. We don't take much stuff, just a duffle bag with 3 pairs of pants.  3 or 4 shirts and flip flops.

Who will be your comp?
The first change out, I will be with Elder McGraw from my MTC group.  It will be fun.  I may just have my last 2 changes with him and Pte will whitewash the area when we leave.We will be co-senior companions.

Are you helping the secretaries?
Everything is going ok.  We are pretty much done with transfer stuff.  My big job is just helping the Blas ZLs get out to Blas. They send in the shopping lists.  We buy their groceries and and stuff then send them in boat to the islands.

Did you have p-day today?
Nope.  We were doing some secretary stuff.

How was the move over to the new place?
It took a while, but it was good.  I will send pics shortly. I will stay there until Friday when we leave for the islands. They are going to close out our old place at the end of the April.

What other changes are happening?
My district in San Blas is Me, Elder McGraw, Elder Wrigley, Elder Taylor 1 (all from the MTC), Elder Green (I lived with him this past change), and a new kid named Elder Sagers.  The rest of my zone members are Elder Hoeft and Elder Gibby (from my MTC group), Elder Mann (He was my comp of 1 weekin the office), Elder Senden (friend from Chorrera), Hermana McGowan (I helped her mom with money stuff while I was in the office), and Hermana Bullough (I don't know her). It is a lot of people I know, but we will only see each other once per transfer.  We have one zone meeting over the course of 2 days, then we leave.

This is the last email that I will be sending from the city for a while.  I just want you to know that they are working on the internet on my island and I may or may not email on Monday.  Also, if I do email, my internet will be slow.  Sorry about that. There is electricity for a only few hours at night.

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