Monday, March 21, 2016

week 88

Still Training

Tell me about Zone Conference. 
I dunno what they did.  I only went to part of the Arraiján one.  And I have to go to the airport tomorrow so I may not go to my zone conference either...  Secretary Life, I guess.

Did you see any old friends?
I saw a few people, but I usually see them at consejos because they are Zone Leaders. A lot of my old MTC group are in leadership positions now.

Did you do anything fun for p-day this week?
Nope.  Just secretary stuff. We went to the lawyer's office and did immigrations stuff.  And I have immigrations again on Wednesday.  It was disappointing.  We were going to go to 5 de Mayo, but stuff happened. Someone is sick and needs to go home.  I have to make all the arrangements and legal stuff. We were going to go there to buy some souvenirs and stuff.  And to get haircuts.  That's about it. Still no haircut.

The nurses-The Brinkmans and Andrew

Did you do any service this week?
Nope.  Just secretary work.

Did you teach any lessons?
We went out and taught some Less Actives yesterday.  They are doing good.  They haven´t gone to church in a while for health reasons.

Did you have meals with anyone? 
We went to dinner with the Renterias again.  They did chicken and pasta.  The food here is good.

Have you had to give any talks lately?
Nope.  Our bishop doesn´t make me give talks here. I haven't given one since my first change here.

How are you feeling?
A little tired and thirsty, but ok.  I am a little tired and ready to get out of the office. I have been here for almost 9 months. I am ready for a change. The new secretaries are trained. Two more weeks.

Secretary Trainees-Elders Nelson and Young

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