Tuesday, March 15, 2016

week 87


You bought tickets for your group. When do we find out?
I got the tickets. It goes from us to the Stake President and Missionary. The missionary gets the itinerary and is in charge of sending it to the family. Whenever the missionary gets it and decides when to tell is when the family gets it.

What was the strategy meeting on the blog?
The strategy meeting was just stuff that we want to make routine before the new mission president, President Current gets here in July.  We are trying to fix all the issues we normally have and make them easy for the new president.  President was always saying stuff like "Elder Broadhead is the only one with a lot of time here so...."  I am the only one with more than a transfer in the office...

What did you do for p-day?
We went to immigrations

How are things in the office?
The new secretaries are almost trained.  I will be done teaching them at the end of this week.  I will just need to get them drivers licenses. They will have learned everything at that point.

How is the office band doing?
We haven´t practiced or anything.

Have you taught any lessons?
We have an FHE tonight with the Bishop and a less active woman.

Have you gone on any exchanges with 3 of you?
No.  I am always trying to help them. I stay here with one to train while the other goes out with other missionaries. I do more routine.  Just normal stuff. The APs are just lunch buddies now. We don't get to hang out with them much.

How are you feeling?
Tired, but apart from that good.

Crazy stuff going on right now. we are sort of in crisis mode.  A missionary is being detained in the airport right now. He is returning from another country.  He has arrived in Panama, but they won't let him out of the airport.  He is not new to Panama. Things are beginning to calm down now.  Now we can only wait.  He is a missionary coming back after he left.  The problem is that he "Doesn't have funds to support himself" They don't want to let him through customs without a way to provide for himself.

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