Monday, March 7, 2016

week 86


So, How was your week? Have your trainees taken off a lot of the load?
My week was ok.  It is still hard with all the craziness of training, but it is getting better.  We'll see how things hold up. Nothing really exciting.  I do the same thing everyday.  They can do almost everything now.  They wanted to learn everything quickly and review through the rest of the transfer, Not just wait and learn until the end.  I work more general secretary stuff because that is what I know best.  I should buy the tickets for my group this week

strategy meeting

Did you have lunch with the nurses?
Lunch with them is always good.  I haven't let them wash and bleach my shirts yet.  I forgot the first time and then she was sick last week and I didn't want her to do too much while she is sick.  You said the Mapps are cruising through the canal. If they come through on a Friday, I may see them, at least their ship. On Fridays, when we have lunch, I can see all the cruise ships.  The Brinkmans house is on the harbor.

Did you have lunch with Pte? 
We didn't go today.  It will just be me, him, and Sister Carmack.  I may suggest waiting until Taylor 1 comes back and we can all eat together because Taylor and I both have had 6 changes in the office.

I see you got a new senior couple. What are they assigned to do?
They are in the city of Santiago as helpers.  The Elder will probably get put in as a branch leader and his wife as a RS leader.  They are just there to help a weak branch.

Tell me about the baptism last week.
His name is Antonio and he is 39.  I started teaching him with Taylor 1.  He got baptized last week. A youth from Caceres (my first area) came up to baptize him because they are friends.

I hear from someone that y'all have made up an office band. 
Everyone here in the office did something with music before we came.  Everyone but me sang before the mission and I started here.  We may do something for one of the zone conferences.  Depends on if we can get it ready or not.  Meine would take lead and Nelson would sing bass.  Young and I would take 2nd tenor and 1st baritone.  Then we'll see how it goes.

What was the most exciting thing this week?
I dunno.  It was a long week. For p-day, we went and ate lunch with the aps. And we had the baptism.

Nice picture of the Temple

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