Saturday, February 27, 2016

week 85

A Hectic Week!

So how are things going now, with help?
Things are going ok.  Things are mostly calm now.  We are working on getting everything not based solely on me.  I am still kinda stressed, but it is getting better. They are doing good but it is still weird. They are learning pretty quick. E. Nelson is doing Baptism records right now. He is doing well. Nelson has been out 10 months and E Young has been out 6 months.  They are both from Utah.  They are both a little crazy. They were in drama in high school.   

What interesting things happened with changes?
It was a lot of work, with renting rooms and arranging travel for so many. Someone missed his flight so we were running around everywhere trying to fix all of that.  It was hard.  

Anything funny?
One of the Hermanas made me that funny sign about how to handle my stress.  I laminated that today so that it will survive the rest of my mission.

What did you do for p-day today?
I washed clothes and worked.  I have to do lots that I am trying to do. We did get to play soccer one day last week. It was great.

Have you done anything new or interesting?
Nope.  I may buy flights for my group tomorrow. It will be weird.... And we had a baptism yesterday

What is the best thing about Pte? 
He is a VERY patient man.  Also he wants to take me out to lunch next week.  

I know it has been a busy week....have you rested any?
A little bit.  I went 3 days without eating last week because I was so busy and stressed with so much going on.  I have been eating again. While I was driving the San Blas missionaries around, we started talking about a song from the Nashville Tribute band.  We just started talking and one missionary said that Christ felt all this dumb stuff that we have to do and wouldn`t have sent us if we couldn`t do it. We have help now and They are there to go through it with us. 

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