Monday, February 22, 2016

week 84


Well, How are things going this week?
Things are going well.  Just a bit hectic trying to run everything by myself.  I am working hard and barely keeping up.  But that´s the way it goes I guess. Transfers are this week. There is a lot to get ready and the lawyers is not being very co-operative.

How is the new comp? 
He is good.  He is Elder M, trained by Elder Meine.  He is from California.  He´s been out about a year.  He is going back to San Blas and I will get my new comp tomorrow.

How was the trip to AD? 
It was good.  We went and visited the J family, Hermana Trejos, the one that always fed us, and J´s family, the one I taught.  It was fun.  We just went and talked.

Are you ready for transfers?
More or less.  It is all basically done.  I just need to welcome the new people.  My short-term, current comp does not really know how to do anything in the office. He is just my sidekick so I am not alone. He does the stuff that doesn´t require training.  I will be getting 2 comps this change.  I will train one as the general secretary and the other as a financial secretary. This is a first time thing, being the only secretary.

Are you back to riding the bus to and from the office again?
Yep.  That´s way cheaper. I do pretty much all the driving that needs to be done, now.

What has been the hardest thing this week?
Running everything.

What has been the funniest?
Some sister missionaries came in and cleaned the office because they were bored.

What has been the best?
I got to have p day.  We played soccer today.

He was only able to be on the computer about 30 minutes and in that time he was making hotel reservations for the new missionaries, etc. He was really busy this week. Hopefully next week will be easier.

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