Sunday, February 14, 2016

week 83


How are you feeling this week?
I am doing good.  I am trying to learn how to be a financial secretary. My comp is leaving and President hasn't decided what he will do.  I may just finish my mission in the office...

Did you get to do anything for p-day today?
We went to Cinco de Mayo to go shopping.  I bought some mola from the kunas there.  I didn´t play soccer today, but my ZL wants to play so maybe next week.

Where is your new apartment?
It is in a downtown area.  We drive past our old apartment to get there.  I want our old apartment back because some people in the new building are not as nice as the old ones.  The other day, some one took our parking spot and so we parked in a spot that is assigned, but never used.  The owner went out and let the air out of our tires.  Stuff like that never happened in the old apartment...We do keep a small air compressor in the car so we were able to fix the tires, but we talked to security.

My Apartment

Do you have your new office organized?
The office is set up now.  So we are doing ok. I am learning the financial stuff when I can. So far, I can pay rent, make checks, and do reimbursements.

Do you have fun with the group of elders you are around? 
We have fun with the APs. We don't try to scare Elder G anymore, we are nicer. We might play soccer some.

What is going on this week?
There is another week before transfers. Carnival has started.  I will probably see more of it tomorrow. My comp got permission for us to go to Aguadulce tomorrow. We will visit people like Juan and Mama Trejos.  We are sure we are going to visit her. Maybe we will see some Carnival.

An old church in Casco Antiguo

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