Monday, February 8, 2016

week 82

Another Week of Server Problems!

How was the visit from the General Authority?
The training with Pres Christensen was good.  I wasn´t in the one pic on the blog with my comp because I was waiting at the outside door for Pres Christensen.  I was doing my job. My job, along with Taylor 2 and the APs was to greet him as he walked into the chapel.  One of the other elders said he felt weird because he was the only missionary greeting a GA without a suit on. We thought that it was funny. I wore mine.  Then Elder Christensen went and greeted an injured elder that couldn´t walk. Then during the training, I had to run around with a microphone so that the missionaries could participate.  He taught that we should teach repentance, not just baptism.  Everything went well with the program and I just ran around a lot.

Did you get everything moved for your apartment?
Yeah.  Now we are just organizing before house checks on Thursday.

What is good about the new place?
It is clean.  The apartment has a laundromat in front.  We have a balcony, but no hot water.

Did you do anything for p-day today?
Nope.  I have worked all day today.  I haven´t even gone for lunch or anything.  I am making phone calls to get some people US visas. They are Panamanians who are going to the US. to serve missions.

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