Saturday, February 27, 2016

week 85

A Hectic Week!

So how are things going now, with help?
Things are going ok.  Things are mostly calm now.  We are working on getting everything not based solely on me.  I am still kinda stressed, but it is getting better. They are doing good but it is still weird. They are learning pretty quick. E. Nelson is doing Baptism records right now. He is doing well. Nelson has been out 10 months and E Young has been out 6 months.  They are both from Utah.  They are both a little crazy. They were in drama in high school.   

What interesting things happened with changes?
It was a lot of work, with renting rooms and arranging travel for so many. Someone missed his flight so we were running around everywhere trying to fix all of that.  It was hard.  

Anything funny?
One of the Hermanas made me that funny sign about how to handle my stress.  I laminated that today so that it will survive the rest of my mission.

What did you do for p-day today?
I washed clothes and worked.  I have to do lots that I am trying to do. We did get to play soccer one day last week. It was great.

Have you done anything new or interesting?
Nope.  I may buy flights for my group tomorrow. It will be weird.... And we had a baptism yesterday

What is the best thing about Pte? 
He is a VERY patient man.  Also he wants to take me out to lunch next week.  

I know it has been a busy week....have you rested any?
A little bit.  I went 3 days without eating last week because I was so busy and stressed with so much going on.  I have been eating again. While I was driving the San Blas missionaries around, we started talking about a song from the Nashville Tribute band.  We just started talking and one missionary said that Christ felt all this dumb stuff that we have to do and wouldn`t have sent us if we couldn`t do it. We have help now and They are there to go through it with us. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

week 84


Well, How are things going this week?
Things are going well.  Just a bit hectic trying to run everything by myself.  I am working hard and barely keeping up.  But that´s the way it goes I guess. Transfers are this week. There is a lot to get ready and the lawyers is not being very co-operative.

How is the new comp? 
He is good.  He is Elder M, trained by Elder Meine.  He is from California.  He´s been out about a year.  He is going back to San Blas and I will get my new comp tomorrow.

How was the trip to AD? 
It was good.  We went and visited the J family, Hermana Trejos, the one that always fed us, and J´s family, the one I taught.  It was fun.  We just went and talked.

Are you ready for transfers?
More or less.  It is all basically done.  I just need to welcome the new people.  My short-term, current comp does not really know how to do anything in the office. He is just my sidekick so I am not alone. He does the stuff that doesn´t require training.  I will be getting 2 comps this change.  I will train one as the general secretary and the other as a financial secretary. This is a first time thing, being the only secretary.

Are you back to riding the bus to and from the office again?
Yep.  That´s way cheaper. I do pretty much all the driving that needs to be done, now.

What has been the hardest thing this week?
Running everything.

What has been the funniest?
Some sister missionaries came in and cleaned the office because they were bored.

What has been the best?
I got to have p day.  We played soccer today.

He was only able to be on the computer about 30 minutes and in that time he was making hotel reservations for the new missionaries, etc. He was really busy this week. Hopefully next week will be easier.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

week 83


How are you feeling this week?
I am doing good.  I am trying to learn how to be a financial secretary. My comp is leaving and President hasn't decided what he will do.  I may just finish my mission in the office...

Did you get to do anything for p-day today?
We went to Cinco de Mayo to go shopping.  I bought some mola from the kunas there.  I didn´t play soccer today, but my ZL wants to play so maybe next week.

Where is your new apartment?
It is in a downtown area.  We drive past our old apartment to get there.  I want our old apartment back because some people in the new building are not as nice as the old ones.  The other day, some one took our parking spot and so we parked in a spot that is assigned, but never used.  The owner went out and let the air out of our tires.  Stuff like that never happened in the old apartment...We do keep a small air compressor in the car so we were able to fix the tires, but we talked to security.

My Apartment

Do you have your new office organized?
The office is set up now.  So we are doing ok. I am learning the financial stuff when I can. So far, I can pay rent, make checks, and do reimbursements.

Do you have fun with the group of elders you are around? 
We have fun with the APs. We don't try to scare Elder G anymore, we are nicer. We might play soccer some.

What is going on this week?
There is another week before transfers. Carnival has started.  I will probably see more of it tomorrow. My comp got permission for us to go to Aguadulce tomorrow. We will visit people like Juan and Mama Trejos.  We are sure we are going to visit her. Maybe we will see some Carnival.

An old church in Casco Antiguo

Monday, February 8, 2016

week 82

Another Week of Server Problems!

How was the visit from the General Authority?
The training with Pres Christensen was good.  I wasn´t in the one pic on the blog with my comp because I was waiting at the outside door for Pres Christensen.  I was doing my job. My job, along with Taylor 2 and the APs was to greet him as he walked into the chapel.  One of the other elders said he felt weird because he was the only missionary greeting a GA without a suit on. We thought that it was funny. I wore mine.  Then Elder Christensen went and greeted an injured elder that couldn´t walk. Then during the training, I had to run around with a microphone so that the missionaries could participate.  He taught that we should teach repentance, not just baptism.  Everything went well with the program and I just ran around a lot.

Did you get everything moved for your apartment?
Yeah.  Now we are just organizing before house checks on Thursday.

What is good about the new place?
It is clean.  The apartment has a laundromat in front.  We have a balcony, but no hot water.

Did you do anything for p-day today?
Nope.  I have worked all day today.  I haven´t even gone for lunch or anything.  I am making phone calls to get some people US visas. They are Panamanians who are going to the US. to serve missions.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

week 81

Birthday Dinner

The ldsmail server was having issues and so Andrew didn't send much this week.

Who is the visitor coming to the mission?
It will be Elder Christensen of the Presidency of the 70.  He was going to be accompanying Elder Cook, but Cook had to drop out for some reason.  They are coming to visit the mission. He is coming and doing a training for half of the mission.  Not everyone gets to come. I will be able to go to the training thing.  I have to help set up the microphones and everything

Will you get to talk with him?
I may talk to him a bit for an office visit, but not much.

Are you settled in your new apartment?
Yeah.  I am trying to get my bags unpacked. The kitchen is big. We have an electric stove, a big fridge, a microwave, and a toaster.  I cook eggs for dinner and sometimes cook pasta. It is generally everyman for himself.  We don´t have air conditioning.

Tell me about your new neighborhood.
We live across the street from a Super 99.  It is basically a grocery store, but it sells some hardware stuff too.  We live on the 7th floor of an apartment building.  The skyline that is well known is on the other side of the building.

Did you get to do anything fun this week?
Nope.  Just working and finding things that are just missing .

Was there anything new or exciting?
Not particularly. We saw the Worldwide Missionary training in Tocumen.  We were working out some housing issues and didn't have time to make it back to the city to watch it there.

What do you do in the evenings?
Go home and sleep.  We are exhausted.

Are you eating okay?
Yep.  3 square meals at subway everyday.

20th Birthday Dinner

A Pizza and a liter of Coke per person....and chocolate ice cream for dessert!