Sunday, January 17, 2016

week 79


How did changes and arrivals go? 
Changes were good.  Everything went smoothly in the airport.  We went to pick up the new missionaries. The only weird thing is that Elder Meine is the new AP now.  He was in the MTC with us. I think he will do a good job. And I still am not training in the office so I will have 6 changes here. I should probably train someone next change.

Have you done any Home Teaching lately?
We visited some recent converts this week.  That was good.

What was the strangest thing to happen this week?
I played soccer for the first time in 3 months.  I was really bad.  I haven't played in a really long time. Now that E. Meine is here, maybe we will play more often for p-day.

Do you ever meet anyone on the bus?
I recognize some people, but we don´t really talk to them.  They are all half asleep. It is the people going to work and don't want to talk to us.

Did you have p-day?
Yeah.  We played soccer.

Have you gotten mail lately?
We don´t have money, so we haven´t gotten mail in a while.

Has there been any thing interesting in the mission that you know about?
A General Authority is coming to the mission on Jan 26th.

Pictures of the new building where the office is located.

This pic, with a gap in the curtains, is the cultural hall. On the other side of the gap is the chapel

Soccer and basketball courts

Even though the church uses similar plans everywhere, it looks very different from the church at home. The floors and the walls are tiled instead of carpet. There are pews instead of couches in the hallways, but the chapel does not have pews. It has the hard molded plastic chairs.

There is no big heavy furniture in the offices here. It is very interesting. It is a big bright building and very nice. There is some of the same artwork that is at home.

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