Sunday, January 10, 2016

week 78

A New Office

Andrew did not have long to email this week and was even working while we emailed. As the time passes, he has less to say and just concentrates on his work I guess. 

How was your week?
It was good.  Just long.  I am trying to get people out of the country and other people into the country.  It is a bit stressful with changes, but it´s going.  Pte. just finished changes and we are waiting for him to finalize them now.

Are you ready for changes?
We´re ready.  Elder Taylor 1 is leaving the office. Elder Taylor 2 will be the financial secretary.  There are 16 new missionaries coming in.  6 Sisters, 10 Elders. There are 4 gringas coming from Provo, 2 Latinas and 10 Latins from somewhere else. I have another change before I train a new general secretary.  Taylor 1 is probably going to Tikantiki in San Blas, but that can still change.  Until president has the APs call everyone, it can change. Sometimes things happen last minute.

Was there anything interesting with Consejos at the new building?
We had a problem where you could hear what we were talking about all throughout the building.  

Tell  me about the building.
The building is 2 stories.  The offices (mission, central services, and Education System) are downstairs.  We have an underground parking deck.  Then upstairs is  a normal chapel.  I may try to take pics in a little while. We have a Subway and a Domino's nearby for lunches.  Then there is the Metro station and that is about it. I am kinda close to the Cinta Costera.

Did you do anything for p-day this week?
Nope.  I had to do secretary stuff. We just worked.  For New Year's Eve there were lots of fireworks and stuff, but I went to bed at 11. Last year we bought and set off fireworks and that was fun.  But in the city, you can´t do as much. We just went to bed.

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