Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week 77

A Phone Call!

Andrew looked great when he got to skype at Christmas. We got to talk to him for an hour and it was wonderful. He is happy working in the office and feels like he is really accomplishing things. He has been in the office for 6 months now and is working hard. They have moved into a new office and it is good to be in their own space and getting work done. He handles the visas and passports, travel arrangements, scheduling, technology for meetings and trainings, and general secretary work. His comp handles all the money dealings. It is kind of scary thinking a couple of 19 year old kids are keeping everything together! 

typical Christmas Lights

and email

 Are you settled in the new office?
We are doing pretty good here.  The office is more or less organized. I got my license this week. The driving test was that we had to park like regular in a parking space, parallel park and back into a parking space. Elder Taylor used the truck, so I got to rent a small car like a smart car. It fit in about only half the parking space! I haven´t driven that much.  Elder Marchant wants me to drive because he doesn´t like how one of the other elder drives. He is kind of crazy.

What did you do the rest of the day Friday?
We were here pretty much all day on Friday.  We all took turns talking and we all talked about an hour. I didn´t really do anything after I called you, just talked and worked.
Everyone enjoyed their calls home and everything, but we didn´t really talk about the calls home.

Tell me about your Christmas dinner.
We ate lunch with the Assistants, the other elders of our ward, and the Garcia´s.  They are older. Hno Garcia is a former  Area Seventy.  We ate a little bit of roasted turkey, rice with something like black eyed peas, bread, and potato salad.  It was good. It was their traditional Christmas dinner. It was good and we had a lot of fun with them. We like visiting with them. They are some of my favorite people here.

Any plans for New Year's Eve?
Not really.  I´m not much of a partier, especially as a missionary. We have our regular curfew.  I will try to make all the immigrations stuff this week. The offices will be closed and we have missionaries going home and more coming next week. I need to get it done before things close.

My weekend was good.  I got to sleep late today.  We went to Hardee´s for lunch today. I haven't downloaded pictures lately because I had to wait until after Amber had finished her Christmas present calendar. I can download them now.

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