Sunday, December 27, 2015

week 76

Almost Christmas

Andrew had a very short email this week, mostly making plans for our chance to skype with him on Christmas Day.

When will you call on Christmas?
I have no idea now.  You will just have to be ready that day.  They took the internet out of the office and we are looking around for anything that we have.  We may go to the nurses house and use it there. There is no internet in the entire church office.

Has anything good happened this week?
We went to the canal today.  I will send pics next week.  I need to get them from other missionaries. I forgot my camera in the office...The canal was not exciting.  There wasn`t a boat passing when we were there and we had to leave before the next one was scheduled to come through.  We did meet a British member that was visiting.

Have you done anything for Christmas? 
We are going to an old folks home on Tuesday. We will probably sing hymns and talk to them.
Christmas Zone Conference with the MTC guys

What fun has happened this week?
We are working on getting the new office for next week. Also, it was really weird putting together the stuff for the Hermanas that came out with us to go home.

Did you get your history done and turned in?
nope...  President hasn`t come in to help me with it. I need computers for statistics...and we don't have any internet in any office.

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