Saturday, December 19, 2015

week 75

Staying Busy!

The blog had pictures of a zone conference. Were you there? 
I am in Zona Panamá.  My district is Distrito Cincuentenario.  My ward is the Cincuentenario Ward
The secretaries only went to the Panama zone conference.  President didn´t want us to go to all of them this year. No, I was not at the one on the blog that went to the orphanage. That was Colón, Arraiján, Chorrera, and Chitré. We didn't get to do that. No orphanages would let our conference come.  We only had a short conference then watched Cokeville Miracle.
I went and did normal missionary stuff during the Panamá one.  The other zone conferences, I was in the office doing stuff.

I saw that a bunch of the kids left the island for the city for summer vacation. 
School here goes from February until November.  They mostly come to the city to visit their families here.

What was the hardest thing from this week?
Everything.  We have been running nonstop to get everything done here. We are doing pretty good, we are just tired.  We are pushing to get things done before Christmas... Everything shuts down so we need to get everything done quickly. We will still come in and work as usual, but everything else is closed. Oh, and my camera won't turn on, so no pictures.

What was the best thing this week?
Don´t question it.... The few hours that I have gotten to sleep.

Have you worked on getting your license? 
Taylor 2 and I will go get our licenses next week.

How is Christmas the same and different from here?
We have been singing Christmas stuff. It is all pretty generic christmas stuff here. It is a lot like home.

President is coming to the office to help me with something tomorrow. It is just a routine thing that he has to help me make.  It is a history of the mission that is to be sent to Salt Lake.  We may move the office in 3 weeks.  It will be good. It is cramped here and I want my space again.

bye, love you, talk to you next week. I will probably call in the afternoon.  We have a lunch appointment on Christmas day. It is with the former 70 and his wife. They like us.

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