Saturday, December 5, 2015

week 73


What did you do on Thanksgiving?
I didn´t really do anything.  We went with one member for dinner.  It was chili or something like that. I was wishing for fried turkey. Next year I will have fried turkey! Probably with Nathan in Utah.

Did you do anything for p-day?
We have been doing office stuff all day.

How did transfers go?
Transfers were weird.  Lots of work.  We got Elder Taylor.  He is the Elder Taylor who is from Norman, OK.  He will be the new financial secretary when Elder Taylor from Houston leaves. We have designated them as Taylor 1 and Taylor 2. Taylor 2 was transferred from Blas. He was in the MTC with us.

Tell me something funny about the new arrivals.
One of the Latins lived in South Carolina for 12 years, so she speaks better English than some of the Americans.

Did you celebrate the last independence celebration of the month?
They just didn´t work that day.  There wasn´t anything exciting

Tell me something good.
I don´t know.  I am trying to work still.
We just had our house fumigated. we don´t have any bugs.
I sleep in my hammock still.  It is pretty nice. Taylor 2 will start sleeping in his hammock tonight.
We should be moving the office before next year.  They are finishing up the certificates today.  We are mostly moved in anyway .

What are the members' homes like in your area?
Depends on the area.  Sometimes it is just cinderblock houses.  Other times, you walk past a Ferrari dealership to go to the 45th floor of a sky scraper.

I have an appointment, I need to go.

With Pres Carmack at Changes

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