Tuesday, December 1, 2015

week 72

Busy Times with Transfers

From email Nov 23

Tell me about transfers this week.
We are more or less ready.  President hasn´t finished changes yet.  There are 13 new people coming and 11 leaving.  They are really mixed up and crazy this change. Elder Taylor is probably going to train a new secretary.  Changes for the mission are the day before Thanksgiving.  President is in Costa Rica so they don´t want to send new missionaries here then. Some of the ones going home have already left.  The rest of the gringos leave tomorrow. (Tuesday) The Latins leave on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day for you.  Then on Friday, after Thanksgiving,  the new Latins from the Guatemala MTC arrive. Dec 1st for the Americans from Provo MTC. Pres Carmack does have a counselor here. His name is President Bram.  He mostly does baptismal interviews that would have to be done by President.

Have you had any time to go around and teach? 
We have chances to teach recent converts and less actives most weeks.  It is hard to go find new people.  We have an area, but it is all apartment buildings with security.  We can´t proselyte there. That is why it is the secretaries area. We are so busy with work that we don't have much time.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?
We don´t really have plans for Thanksgiving.  Mostly coordinating Changes.

Did you do any more service?
Nope. We usually home teach in Elder Wrigley´s area.  We go visit people for about an hour after church.

Did you do anything for p-day?
We went and had a Turkey Bowl.  It was going to be with the Cardenas Ward, but it ended up being me, Taylor, Ah Sue (ZL), Machado and Marchant(APs), Murray and Bartleson (going home), Taylor and Stracener (San Blas, but are in the city for a doctors appointment), and Hermanas McGowan and Stanger (Cardenas missionaries).  Or in short, every gringo in the zone.  We played for a bit, but we are all kinda out of shape.

Has anything interesting happened?
I started sleeping in my hammock.  It is comfortable, just different.  You can´t really sleep on your side or your face will be shoved into the fabric.  It isn´t that bad sleeping in a hammock.  It´s nice not having to make a bed in the morning.

What was the funniest thing to happen this week?
We went Home Teaching yesterday (people here don´t do it) and as we were finishing up and trying to figure out what to eat for lunch, a random woman drove up in a car and said that she sold food for a living.  She gave us all of the extra food that she hadn´t sold.

Our Zone before the Service Project last week

Cleaning out the ditch.

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