Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week 71

Nothing New

How has your week been?
It was good.  Just long.  We have been running around a lot.  We have to go cash a check tomorrow morning. I got a call from the post office saying that there are a lot of packages.  I don´t know how many, but when people use the PO box helps us a lot. It is harder to meet up and get the packages for us when people send DHL. We may use President's car to pick up the packages.

Has anything exciting happened this week?
We went and did a service in Howard.  It is part of the Cardenas area.  We went to cut grass and clean out a ditch.  We started sharpening our machetes and the guy in charge came and fussed at us for having them.  He wouldn´t let us use them.  In the end, he got us 2 push mowers.  And the ditch was gross.  It was mostly mud and we had to shovel it out. Doing service was good, we haven't had a chance to do much lately.  I still work better than most of the others.  Dad trained me well.

What did you do for p-day today?
We went and got haircuts.  Elder Murray cut our hair and it just so happened that today is Elder Machado´s birthday so we ordered pizza and bought a cake and had a bit of a party.  We couldn´t really do much though.

Have you gotten to do anything new?
Not really new.  We do the same thing a lot and sometimes change the order.

Tell me about your neighborhood
We live in an area called San Francisco.  Everyone there lives in apartment buildings.  I don´t really know the people.  We live really close to the bus stop. My building is only 4 stories, the others are 15-ish. My building is green, the others are newer and white. I do have a balcony. Elder Taylor put his hammock out there.

Time to go, Transfers are next week and there is lots to do.

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