Sunday, November 15, 2015

week 70

Independence Holiday?

How is the office working out? 
We are doing ok.  We are trying to get everything going for the Bellavista office.  We don´t have permission from Panama to work there.  So we are trying to work in one office with all of our stuff in the other office.  It is hard, but we are doing ok.

It is really close to the bank and a Subway.  Sometimes, we have to go to the Bellavista office.  I have to go to there on this Wednesday.
The view from my current office on 15th floor, downtown.

Tell me about the celebrations this week.
I didn´t see any.  The only thing that I saw was a completely empty office building. The parades made driving difficult.  They closed a lot of major roads for them. We had to drive back and forth between offices and move stuff.

Have you had a chance to do anything fun lately?
Not really, we have just been working.  We have been really busy in the office.  I might get to play soccer next week.

Have you had your primary program yet?
We had it.  It was small and the teachers did all the talking.  The kids just sang.

Tell me about someone at church.
Hermano Garcia is the 2nd counselor in the ward.  He joined the church about 25 years ago.  Since then, he has been a bishop, a stake president, a mission president, an area 70, and most recently, a branch president.  He is really funny and speaks English.  He is the "experience" in our Bishopric. He is old.  He gives us dinner sometimes. We only get one or two meals a week so all four missionaries are allowed to eat together.

Have you given any talks lately?
I gave a talk a few weeks ago.  It was ok.  He only gave me a few hours to prepare.  I ended up reading the scriptures a lot.

What is the best thing this week?
We watched a movie called Freetown today.  It was fun with all the missionaries there goofing off.

It has been busy. This week, we had to set up for consejos. And, I try to put together the new missionaries' immigrations papers before they get here. I am still working on getting my license.  We have been able to get the truck, but only when we need it.  The APs use it the rest of the time.  Pres said that when we move offices, the truck will stay there. Then we will be able to use it anytime we need it. Or, the secretaries will get a car.  There are 2 cars here that nobody uses. I haven´t gone for Christmas packages yet. We will need the truck then.

We tried to stop some flooding yesterday. We went to someone's house for lunch.  It started raining and then one of the kids came running in and yelled something like THE BRIDGE.  We went out and we saw that the water from that ditch was getting onto the bridge for cars.  The owners starting freaking out and we helped them get everything safe. We stacked everything and put up boards and stuff to divert water.  It was a member's house, but not in my area.   Then it stopped raining and everything was good.It rained for about an hour.  It got up to my ankles. In the end, everything was good.

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