Sunday, November 8, 2015

week 69

In a New Office

Tell me about the visitors to the mission this week.
It was Elder Snow and his wife.  He was one of the presidents of the 70 and now is the Church Historian.  His assistant came as well.  Also Elder Duncan came as the Area President. I did not get to talk with him. We had a big meeting.  He just asked general stuff to 120 missionaries there.  They talked about Mexico and Guatemala only having one district each and now Panama has 7 stakes. He asked us all about stuff like how many generations our families have been in the church.  He asked how a mission has changed some missionaries who are about to go home.  He asked how learning a language was. They did meetings and asked questions about the church here so that they could write the history of the Church.  They were here for a few days. We were really busy doing some stuff quickly so we didn't have much time with them.  We had the meeting and then they left.

Tell me about your new office. 
We are in the Church offices right now.  We won´t move into the new office at the new church until at least January...
It is me and Elder Taylor and the local church leaders.  They are mostly bishops and stake presidents that do the administrative stuff. I am set up, working in the conference room.  The normal people still have their cubicles and offices. The mission office is all in the conference room. The Assistant to the President come in sometimes.  President doesn´t come here. He works from home.

It is November. When do the festivities begin?
They start today and tomorrow.  Tuesday is Separation from Columbia, Wednesday is Flag Day and there is another celebration I can't remember on Thursday. There aren´t celebrations or parties at church.  There will be parades tomorrow and Thursday. I probably will get to see some parades.  We work downtown. There are two more days later in the month to celebrate Independence.

What did you do for p-day?
We paid rent then came here. We work everyday no matter what.  We just take personal time when we can.  Like when we were paying rent, we stopped in sports stores to look for a shirt that Elder T wants. We do laundry at night. We have a washing machine at home.

From the Mission blog

Elder Murray (next to me)  was telling a funny story when Sis Carmack showed up to take pictures.

At  Consejos

Tell me something new.
I work on the 15th floor instead of the 5th floor now.

Our Temporary Office

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