Sunday, November 1, 2015

week 68

We Packed

How are things going with the move?
Ok.  You will see a picture soon.

Did you get to teach this week?
We didn´t.  We are in the process of moving everything.

What are plans for Halloween? or Day of the Dead? 
We won´t do anything for Halloween.  Day of the Dead is a Mexican festival.  Some families may celebrate Halloween, but there is not a ward party.

Have you seen Bella Vista yet?
Yes. The Bellavista building is nice. Our offices are on ground level.  The chapel is on the 2nd level. It is bigger than my chapel in Arraijan. I have a large desk area and Elder Taylor has an office for finance.  It should be good. I don´t know how close it is to the beach.  We are near the metro station Santo Tomas.  The finance office has a window and my desk is right outside the window so we still are in sight of each other. President Carmack has a huge office in our new offices.  It is two or 3 times bigger than his current office.  Elder Taylor and President have the only separate offices. The rest of us are in an open area.   I have a desk like dad´s old office; the cornered desk. The APs have a smaller desk because they don´t do as much paperwork. They have one like my old school desk at home. There isn't a nice view like the Hi Tech Plaza view. It is just a cement wall.   I think there is an outdoor basketball court. The manager said hopefully we will move in at the end of November.  It is all done, we are just waiting for a permit from the government to work there. We are moving to a temporary office at the Church Service Center tomorrow.

What did you do this week?
 packed/moved/ started moving.

My life right now...

Did anything new happen this week?
Nothing new.  Just packing and writing.

What made you laugh this week?
Seeing Elder Taylor's office compared to the small amount of space the APs have.  They want his office, but the office says finances.

What did you do for p-day?
We packed.

I copied Nathan's mission picture.  Just mine is at night on the edge of a 15 story building instead of hanging on an ocean cliff over the waves during the day.

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