Sunday, October 25, 2015

week 67


How did transfers/new missionaries go? 
Transfers were hectic.  There were lots of travel problems, but we eventually got them all sorted out. We had a problem with the missionaries going out to the islands. They leave by boat, but the checkpoint guards didn´t want them to go to Blas.  They all made it to Blas eventually, the guards just were not happy with us.  One of the new missionaries was a stand out because he forgot his passport in the MTC in Provo. He had to go back to the MTC and wasn't able to get on the plane with the others to get here Tuesday night. He came on Wednesday morning.  Another one will come in a few weeks after he finishes his time at the mtc. He tested out on his Spanish and was on the 2 week fast track, but decided he wanted more instruction and will stay longer. He will get here later.

Did you get your hammock?
I got my hammock. I still don´t have rope to hang it, but it is comfortable.  The San Blas elders brought it to me. They stay in the APs house when they come to the city to shop.

How are things going with the office move?
I am still in the office building, not the new church building. They told us the Service Center guys are going to take care of everything. I have no idea when we will go to the new office.  They haven't told us. I have not seen the office, I don´t even know exactly where the building is.  The PO will be best place to ship things for right now.

How are the sick missionaries from last week?
They are good.  They are all in their areas working

Did you get to do anything for p-day this week?
We went to the park and played sports and table games.  I won at Jenga a lot

Tell me something fun or exciting.
I dunno.... I am getting to know president pretty well.  We did interviews a few weeks ago.  We had to go inspect missionaries' houses.  Elder Taylor and I were the last interviews.  I learned that one of my jobs is to just be there to give president some general guesses for numbers. I see the numbers from reports and can remember them more or less.  At the interviews he asked me to guess (remember the best I can) at zone numbers and efficiency stuff. I'm getting to know him better. I know he trusts me now.
It is still really hot here.  Just like it will be all the way until the Second Coming.  It rains hard sometimes, but normally when we are inside.  The streets flood here because there isn´t enough drainage. I have money in my wallet now to go buy a new umbrella. I lost the old one.

I get fed dinner every Sunday by the ward members. During the week we eat at a place somewhere around the office. 

Elder Guardado and me

some friends.  The skinny one is Elder Hernandez. The other one is Elder Mendoza.  The sister is Hermana Duarte.  The elders are Mexican and she is from Paraguay

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