Sunday, October 18, 2015

week 66

Another Busy Week

What exciting things have happened this week?
Nothing really happened this week.  Just normal stuff. Right now, there are 4 missionaries with possible food poisoning. They are in my zone. I don't know what they ate. They are going to the hospital right now. One is sort of ok, but the other three look like The Walking Dead.

Are you ready for your office move?
Not at all, but the moving guys came in to see what they needed to move. I just need to get the passports ready. We have a new group of missionaries coming in this week. We really like this office and I kind of wish we didn't need to move. It´s just here we are close to all the banks and restaurants.  We think there isn´t anything over there around the new building. I haven´t seen it.  The area is Bella Vista. Buena Vista is in Colon on the Caribbean side.  Bella Vista is on the Pacific side. That is the new stake center of The Panama City Stake. The mission office is in the stake building.

What did you do today for p-day activities?
I went to the lawyer to work on Visa stuff. We didn't really have p-day.

You go to consejos now. What do they teach/learn?
They talk about general mission stuff and things president wants to improve. He goes over all the mission stuff he wants us all to work on and the leaders take it back to their zones and districts to tell them.

What happens at the office when you have to go out?
We have to go to the lawyer's office, the post office, and go to to pay rent, etc.  Elder Taylor and I go together.  And we just close the office then. Sometimes the nurse is here and we can leave it open. The Assistants are with Pres Carmack a lot, but not all the time. Sometimes they are here. If no one is here, we just lock up. He goes with me to do my stuff and I go with him to do the financial stuff.

Are you feeling well?  and eating right?
I am doing everything that I should. I didn't get food poisoning. I am ready to get my hammock. I will tie it up inside to sleep.

I should probably go.  I have to get some stuff done quickly for Pres Carmack. There is lots to get done.
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