Saturday, October 10, 2015

week 65

Learning and Teaching

Great picture of the old MTC group last week.
Yep, Elder D is back. He is in Arraijan now.  He is in a part called Vista Alegre (means happy view). The picture had Elder Dastrup, who is in Blas, and my comp Elder Taylor.  The other elder is one of the APs.  He was in Elder D´s first zone.  We picked him up late one night at the airport and he left early the next morning.  He seems to be doing good. It is good he is back.

Who was your favorite conference talk?
I liked Elder Anderson´s talk about faith.  He seemed to be quoting from Pres Uchtdorf´s old talk ¨Lord is It I?¨

What did you do for conference weekend?
We were in the chapel for all of Saturday.  I watched conference a little differently.  We didn´t have keys to the clerks office so we were listening in Spanish.  On Sunday, we went to the stake center with everyone.  That was in English.  Then we had lunch with President.  I had been to the house before, but that was my first meal there. We had roast, mashed potatoes, rolls. Then we went to the office to watch the last session in English. It was easier this year. I listened to my first conference in Panama in Spanish.

What have you been working on lately?
I have been trying to train the lawyer´s new secretary.  He fired the last one, (professional disputes, ) and I need to help the new one learn everything. I have learned lots, like legal practices. I probably know the most about the process of their clients, so I am helping. We have been working on lots of stuff in the office.

How many new people will be coming on transfers?
There are six coming in.  There were two that went home this week. They had extended until exactly 2 years.

Do you have a big hammock yet?
I am sleeping in the extra bed right now.  I will get my hammock next week. The I will start sleeping in it.  The San Blas elders will be coming in and bring it for me.

We are about to change offices. We should be in our new office the 15th of October. It is farther from my house. It is farther from everything.  It is in a new church building.  I will work in the office in one church building and go to church in another, the one where I already go. One floor of the new building is offices, the other is the church.  I haven´t seen it yet.  It is the Bellavista ward.  We are not moving, we will stay in our old house.  We live with our District Leader and he is in our ward.

I better go. Talk to you next week.

Articles of Faith in the Kuna Language

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