Sunday, October 4, 2015

week 64

A Return

What did you do this week?
We just did the normal stuff.  I scheduled flights in from San Blas, reported numbers, that kind of stuff.  And for p-day today, we cleaned our house.

What kind of issues do you have with visas? 
They usually aren't too bad, but  sometimes we have big problems.  That is generally the stuff that the Church Offices take care of.  The migracions people tell the lawyer, and the lawyer tells The Panama church person.  Then he tells Church offices.  That is what happened when we all had to change over to the Provo MTC. The local person I work with is Marta.  She is young and has been working with our lawyer for about 4 months.  She gets the job done, but sometimes, she just doesn´t listen to us.

What happens when missionaries get sick? 
It depends.  Mostly the nurse talks to them and sends them to the doctor where they are and they may have to stay in until they are well. But if it is bad it takes more. If they are in a risk area (like San Blas) then sometimes they stay with us or the APs.  Not many get sick enough to go stay in the hospital for more than an hour or so. We have had some get Malaria.

When do Independence month celebrations begin? 
They actually start in November. They love to celebrate and will have parades and parties. I don't know yet if I will see any of it.

Where is the office?
The office is in the financial district in Panama City. I work on the 5th floor.  I am not close to the canal, but I might be able to go one day. There is a beach but it is kind of far away, too. I can see a cool building from my office window. It looks like a big screw, all twisted.

Who lives in the apartment with you and E Taylor?
Elder Wrigley (our group, but MTC Mexico) and Elder Gonzalez (El Salvador, about 8 months in the mission).

What have you learned this week?
Sometimes, you get fun surprises as the mission secretary. And I get to watch conference this week. i will watch at least one session with President at his house.

This picture is the surprise I got later. His companion from the MTC had gone home early and was able to return to finish his mission. This group, that picked him up at the airport is part of the group that were at the MTC together. It was a great treat for him to be greeted by his friends! Good to have him back.

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