Sunday, September 27, 2015

week 63

Another Week in the office

I saw you on the blog of the second Zone Conference.  
Yes, it was the conference in San Migelito. We did an activity at each conference.  It was working together. Every companionship had to work together to make a paper airplane.  One person would use one hand and the other, the other hand.  So we made the planes and then we threw them to see who would win candy for going the farthest.  We won :)  Secretaries are the best.

What did you do this week while the Assistants went to David to ZC?
David is a long way away, close to Costa Rico. We stayed in Panama City and worked in the office.  We mostly worked on migracions stuff. That part takes a lot of time.

Did anything new or exciting happen this week?
We picked up a missionary from the airport that had gone home.  He came back.  His name is Elder Workman.  Our friend, Elder Bird was his trainer.

What have you been studying? 
I have been reading Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage. It is good book, just very long.

Do you ever knock on doors in PC? 
We do mostly street contacting because we work in the financial district. There aren't a lot of people that live in our area. Our branch is pretty small.

What is the best thing you ate this week?
I dunno. We mostly eat at Subway and sandwiches at home. We only eat with people on Sundays.

Did anything make you laugh? I
I played soccer today and we were all bad, so I laughed at that.

Has it been raining? have you gotten caught in a storm?
Yes, it rains. I got caught in one, but only for a couple of minutes.

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