Thursday, September 17, 2015

week 62


Did you get your computer up and going? 
I am working on my computer still.  I did get the visa forms through.  Now I am just working on getting everything on my computer and a mission flash drive as well. I have most of the papers backed up. I am going to buy a flash drive.

What kind of issues do you have to deal with each day?
All things migracions are my problem. I have to make a lot of papers.  I give the name of person, passport number, characteristics, stuff like that.

What did you have to do for the ZC's?
I went and sat, no extra responsibilities.  I was also in a practice for one of the conferences.

Tell me something fun from this week.
We went and played soccer today. And I got a little sunburned. We went to the cinta costera to play soccer with my house and the elders from Loma 9.

What is between your place and the office? (This is the kind of answer I get from my sarcastic son...)
We ride the bus. We go by a mall, the Multiplaza, a gas station, a school, etc.  I see people, police, students, random buses...

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