Saturday, September 12, 2015

week 61

Transfer Week

How did your first "pick up the new missionaries" thing go? 
It was good.  We had some trouble to get them to presidents' house on time, but it was ok. We drove luggage, APs drove people.  Elder Taylor drove our car because he has his license already, I haven´t had a chance to go yet.  It was weird talking to them, because they don't know anything here yet. Now, I start to work on visas, but I had a computer crash.  I have nothing I need and the lawyer hasn´t given me anything to work with. The computer lost all the forms that I use to get people into migracions. I am trying to get new forms.  They are fine for right now because they come in with 6 month tourist visas. I just need to get started on the next stage.

How was leadership meeting and did everything go smoothly?
The leadership meetings are all in Cardenas (temple chapel) until November.  Once it started, it was ok, but getting started was rough.  None of the electronics wanted to work right. It gets stressful trying to set it all up.  The problem at training was someone turned off the wifi on the computer and we couldn´t figure out what was wrong.  The computer crash just happened.

You look great in the pictures on the mission blog! Are you feeling well? You looked a bit thinner, And your hair....
I am fine. My clothes still fit. I am getting a hair cut today.  We have not had time and the humidity makes it curl when it is long. It is a place like Great Clips. They won't know what to do with curls!

Tell me about where you live.
We don´t really talk to our neighbors.  We don´t know them.  The house we have is nicer than the other places I have lived, but still doesn´t have an oven. The closest church members live about 5 minutes away from us.

Where do you shop for groceries? 
It is a place called the Rey.  It is like Kroger.  Sometimes, we shop at Pricemart,  which is like Sam's, but the APs never want to give us the car so that doesn´t work well.  We do eat at subway a lot. I still have some of the nutella.  I eat peanut butter and nutella sandwiches.  We eat out.  I eat lots of cereal.

Elders Machado, Taylor and Broadhead

New elders checking out Panama

Waiting to meet the new missionaries

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