Saturday, September 5, 2015

week 60

Driver's Ed

How was driving class? 
It was fine.  I was only there for about 30 minutes and then someone told me that I could leave so I did.  The drivers here are worse than at home. People drive crazy and blow their horn at everyone. The next things is that whenever I get some time, I will go to the ATTT (DMV) to take my driving test.  Parking is all of the driving test here; normal parking, parallel parking, and reverse parking.  We have a Nissan truck that we use for the office, but we rent a smart car basically just for the test.

Are you ready for the new missionaries this week?
We are ready.  We just make sure that we have a hotel for them.  We get the flight plans and then we go to the airport to pick them up. We go in 2 cars.  One to carry all the missionaries, one for all their luggage.  The APs take the missionaries, we take luggage. It should be fun. I get to see what is happening when it happens.  There are 6 new gringos coming.  After we pick them up, we will go to Pres house.  We also have  3 people going home.  Most people coming and going route through Atlanta, so they go right by home. We haven´t had any new missionaries from Mexico or Guatemala in a while.

Are you also in charge of getting plane tickets for missionaries' trips home? 
I do have to do that.  I buy them about 6 months out.

Did you do anything fun for p-day?
We played soccer.  I did ok, but I am still terrible. But it is more fun to play now.

Who is your favorite member in your ward?
I like Elder Garcia.  He is really funny.  He is a convert from a long time ago.  Then most recently, he was a 70.  One of the big ones.  He has funny stories from meetings with Pres Hinkley

What is the area around your apartment like? I hear your office building has a doorman. 
No one has to ring you in at our apartment.  But you have to have a key to get in to the building.  It works well. It is secure.  We do have a doorman at the office. He is cool. He forgets to give us stuff a lot.  But he is a good guy.
Out the Front of our Apartment
 This is outside our apartment. We are third story up. I take naps out there in my hammock. Elder Taylor sleeps in a hammock most nights. He was in San Blas before working in the office.  That is how they sleep there.  He just got used to it and kept doing it .

Our Kitchen

Any thing exciting?
We will be getting a new Stake Center soon and our office will be there. Also, Independence month is coming up again in October I believe.  Remember last year when I didn´t write on Mondays for a month. I don't know how we will do this year. They like to celebrate all month.

What is the best thing about serving a mission?
Working with the other missionaries.

Have a good week and I will talk to you then.

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