Sunday, September 27, 2015

week 63

Another Week in the office

I saw you on the blog of the second Zone Conference.  
Yes, it was the conference in San Migelito. We did an activity at each conference.  It was working together. Every companionship had to work together to make a paper airplane.  One person would use one hand and the other, the other hand.  So we made the planes and then we threw them to see who would win candy for going the farthest.  We won :)  Secretaries are the best.

What did you do this week while the Assistants went to David to ZC?
David is a long way away, close to Costa Rico. We stayed in Panama City and worked in the office.  We mostly worked on migracions stuff. That part takes a lot of time.

Did anything new or exciting happen this week?
We picked up a missionary from the airport that had gone home.  He came back.  His name is Elder Workman.  Our friend, Elder Bird was his trainer.

What have you been studying? 
I have been reading Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage. It is good book, just very long.

Do you ever knock on doors in PC? 
We do mostly street contacting because we work in the financial district. There aren't a lot of people that live in our area. Our branch is pretty small.

What is the best thing you ate this week?
I dunno. We mostly eat at Subway and sandwiches at home. We only eat with people on Sundays.

Did anything make you laugh? I
I played soccer today and we were all bad, so I laughed at that.

Has it been raining? have you gotten caught in a storm?
Yes, it rains. I got caught in one, but only for a couple of minutes.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

week 62


Did you get your computer up and going? 
I am working on my computer still.  I did get the visa forms through.  Now I am just working on getting everything on my computer and a mission flash drive as well. I have most of the papers backed up. I am going to buy a flash drive.

What kind of issues do you have to deal with each day?
All things migracions are my problem. I have to make a lot of papers.  I give the name of person, passport number, characteristics, stuff like that.

What did you have to do for the ZC's?
I went and sat, no extra responsibilities.  I was also in a practice for one of the conferences.

Tell me something fun from this week.
We went and played soccer today. And I got a little sunburned. We went to the cinta costera to play soccer with my house and the elders from Loma 9.

What is between your place and the office? (This is the kind of answer I get from my sarcastic son...)
We ride the bus. We go by a mall, the Multiplaza, a gas station, a school, etc.  I see people, police, students, random buses...

Saturday, September 12, 2015

week 61

Transfer Week

How did your first "pick up the new missionaries" thing go? 
It was good.  We had some trouble to get them to presidents' house on time, but it was ok. We drove luggage, APs drove people.  Elder Taylor drove our car because he has his license already, I haven´t had a chance to go yet.  It was weird talking to them, because they don't know anything here yet. Now, I start to work on visas, but I had a computer crash.  I have nothing I need and the lawyer hasn´t given me anything to work with. The computer lost all the forms that I use to get people into migracions. I am trying to get new forms.  They are fine for right now because they come in with 6 month tourist visas. I just need to get started on the next stage.

How was leadership meeting and did everything go smoothly?
The leadership meetings are all in Cardenas (temple chapel) until November.  Once it started, it was ok, but getting started was rough.  None of the electronics wanted to work right. It gets stressful trying to set it all up.  The problem at training was someone turned off the wifi on the computer and we couldn´t figure out what was wrong.  The computer crash just happened.

You look great in the pictures on the mission blog! Are you feeling well? You looked a bit thinner, And your hair....
I am fine. My clothes still fit. I am getting a hair cut today.  We have not had time and the humidity makes it curl when it is long. It is a place like Great Clips. They won't know what to do with curls!

Tell me about where you live.
We don´t really talk to our neighbors.  We don´t know them.  The house we have is nicer than the other places I have lived, but still doesn´t have an oven. The closest church members live about 5 minutes away from us.

Where do you shop for groceries? 
It is a place called the Rey.  It is like Kroger.  Sometimes, we shop at Pricemart,  which is like Sam's, but the APs never want to give us the car so that doesn´t work well.  We do eat at subway a lot. I still have some of the nutella.  I eat peanut butter and nutella sandwiches.  We eat out.  I eat lots of cereal.

Elders Machado, Taylor and Broadhead

New elders checking out Panama

Waiting to meet the new missionaries

Saturday, September 5, 2015

week 60

Driver's Ed

How was driving class? 
It was fine.  I was only there for about 30 minutes and then someone told me that I could leave so I did.  The drivers here are worse than at home. People drive crazy and blow their horn at everyone. The next things is that whenever I get some time, I will go to the ATTT (DMV) to take my driving test.  Parking is all of the driving test here; normal parking, parallel parking, and reverse parking.  We have a Nissan truck that we use for the office, but we rent a smart car basically just for the test.

Are you ready for the new missionaries this week?
We are ready.  We just make sure that we have a hotel for them.  We get the flight plans and then we go to the airport to pick them up. We go in 2 cars.  One to carry all the missionaries, one for all their luggage.  The APs take the missionaries, we take luggage. It should be fun. I get to see what is happening when it happens.  There are 6 new gringos coming.  After we pick them up, we will go to Pres house.  We also have  3 people going home.  Most people coming and going route through Atlanta, so they go right by home. We haven´t had any new missionaries from Mexico or Guatemala in a while.

Are you also in charge of getting plane tickets for missionaries' trips home? 
I do have to do that.  I buy them about 6 months out.

Did you do anything fun for p-day?
We played soccer.  I did ok, but I am still terrible. But it is more fun to play now.

Who is your favorite member in your ward?
I like Elder Garcia.  He is really funny.  He is a convert from a long time ago.  Then most recently, he was a 70.  One of the big ones.  He has funny stories from meetings with Pres Hinkley

What is the area around your apartment like? I hear your office building has a doorman. 
No one has to ring you in at our apartment.  But you have to have a key to get in to the building.  It works well. It is secure.  We do have a doorman at the office. He is cool. He forgets to give us stuff a lot.  But he is a good guy.
Out the Front of our Apartment
 This is outside our apartment. We are third story up. I take naps out there in my hammock. Elder Taylor sleeps in a hammock most nights. He was in San Blas before working in the office.  That is how they sleep there.  He just got used to it and kept doing it .

Our Kitchen

Any thing exciting?
We will be getting a new Stake Center soon and our office will be there. Also, Independence month is coming up again in October I believe.  Remember last year when I didn´t write on Mondays for a month. I don't know how we will do this year. They like to celebrate all month.

What is the best thing about serving a mission?
Working with the other missionaries.

Have a good week and I will talk to you then.