Sunday, August 23, 2015

week 58

A Package!

What did you do this week that was interesting?
I found a new food.  It is called Shawarma.  It is some weird meat log on a rotissary.  Then they cut that and put it in a tortilla.  It is good.  I´m doing good and feeling good.

How large is your area? 
My area isn´t very big.  It is around the area where we live, a fifteen minute bus ride from here. It doesn´t have the office in it.  Our ward is mostly young couples, not many kids.

What ever happened about the bed bugs?
We have super insect repellent now.  We are treating the beds

What responsibilities do you have in the ward? 
We do not have to teach any classes, just go to the one for investigators and new members.  I do bless the sacrament a lot, but that is it.

What is your favorite thing about Panama City?
I am close to the temple.  I can´t go normally, but it isn´t a days excursion with a long bus ride to go to the temple.

What will you be doing after email time?
I will be going to meet with the lawyer and then going to a baptism in Chorrera.  One of my friends named Kevin is getting baptized.  He is from the Zone Leader's area, but we were friends so I am going.  I will get to see my old zone.

The next big assignment I have is a Central America broadcast on Saturday.   Elder Russell M Nelson will be speaking to half of the missionaries in Central America.

New Office Staff

This week, one of our pilot friends found out he was making a quick trip to Panama and offered to take a package. It is illegal to mail food there, but I can send some in a suitcase with someone traveling, so of course I sent food! I was able to make some treats and even send the last package of Belgian chocolate from Mike's last trip. Jeff did not get to see Andrew, but left the package for him to pick up. Thanks so much to Jeff for making my day! At this point of our email I told him to go pick up the package, 3 blocks away....and heard from him the next day...

I really like the Belgian chocolate.  It has been a long time without it.  And the Nutella.  We calculated that it is worth roughly $20 here. I really liked it all. You would have been proud of me... I gave some chocolate to missionaries that we made come to the office.

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