Sunday, August 16, 2015

week 57

The Office

How are things in Panama?
Everything is going well.  We are all just a little tired from the week.  We had consejos (There are pictures on the mission blog, you just have to look.  I have to sit at the very back.)  We just rested today though.  (The mission blog is

What new things have you been doing?
I went and got mail, I started using sound equipment, I sign the car out, I look for peoples passports, stuff like that. Apart from dealing with the phones, I do everything now. My trainer, Elder Nysetvold, heads out the 19th. The other elder is Elder Taylor (Financial secretary.  He does all things money). We are the only office elders.  We will soon have 2 nurses, and the assistants are here sometimes. Elders Machado and Marchant are the assistants.  They spend time with the zone leaders of all the zones to train them.  The new nurses will come on the 22nd. We work in the financial district.  It is us and a bunch of banks.

What was it like going to the Post Office? 
The post office was pretty boring.  Not many missionaries get mail, but the ones that do get a lot. It is mostly letters, but this month there were about 10 packages.  I got a letter. We didn´t have to open any packages this time, but sometimes we do have to.  We have to pay taxes on packages that are over a certain price.  So you should say stuff isn´t worth much when you send it.  If you wear shoes for an hour, the price goes from $100 to being worth $10.  Fun fact.  You should use stuff before you send it. I haven´t gotten my license yet. I will go back in a couple of weeks to check for it again.

What will you have to do to get a Panama license?
We take my GA license to the embassy.  They say that it is real.  Then we go to a Panama place and they say that the certification of the states is real. Then I go to the DMV and they tell me I can´t have my license.  So then we do some other stuff to get my license.

What kind of "problems" do you deal with in the office?
We are trying to fix a network problem for our cell phones.  And people always want nametags and stuff immediately, and I have to tell them it doesn´t work like that. We deal with families from home. Parents don´t usually call, but they do write occasionally.  Whoever knows the missionary the best writes to the family. The missionaries are terrible at reporting.  I spend most of Wednesday collecting numbers.

What do you eat when you don't have dinner appointments?
We eat from a grocery store, or we go to subway. We don't get as much fresh fruit here.  At Subway, after 3 pm it is $5 footlong.  Any other time, it depends.  Anywhere from $4 to 8

How is your missionary work going? 
We contact people basically every day. We did have our baptisms on Saturday.  They were good.  The member that was going to baptize all 4 only baptized 1.  So Elder Nysetvold baptized the others.  I am getting to know some of the people here.  My ward is small, it should be a branch.  

How many countries are represented in your missionaries?
There are missionaries here from 12 or 13 countries.  There are 86 Americans. There are 199 total missionaries here right now. Most of them are from Latin countries. 

Time to go. Thanks for the emails!

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