Saturday, August 8, 2015

week 56


How is the office? What kind of schedule do you have now?
The office is good.  Just hectic.  I still have a normal schedule. We get up early like normal... usually. There are days when we have to get up really early.  On Friday, I got up at 4am for migraciones.  We work in the office from 11 until 6.  Then we go to our assigned area and do regular missionary stuff, teaching and serving. We teach about 3 hours per day. Monday is still P-day. We played capture the flag today.

The view out the office window.

Did you get your license yet?
We will go to the mail office tomorrow.  I will find out then.  I hope so.  The faster I learn to drive the better. We usually go to the PO once per month.  Sometimes twice.  I don´t know what we have to do there.  This will be my first time there.  I will have to get my Panama license after I get my US one. The truck we drive is automatic transmission.

Do you go to all the different district meetings? 
We should go to district meetings every week, but we are always very busy, so we only go sometimes.

Is the city loud? 
The city is louder because everyone thinks that horns can change traffic situations.  The drivers are worse than in Atlanta. They do whatever they want.  I forgot to take my camera home so I don't have any pictures of my apartment this week.  Most of the families here live in houses.  My place is a 7 story apartment building.  I live 5 minutes in bus from President.

With Elder Perkes and Elder Taylor.

 I go on trips when President does interviews.  It is long rides in the car, but I will get to visit everywhere.

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