Thursday, July 30, 2015

week 55


You emailed that you need your license, so I know you got transferred. Tell me about it. 
I got transferred to the Office. I need my license to get a Panama license to drive the truck and do secretary stuff. My actual comp is Elder Nysetvold.  My job is basically to keep President from having to do a lot of stuff.  I am in charge of making sure the missionaries are in Panama legally, I work on their visas and residence legalities, etc. I have to go to the immigracions office every Friday to make people legal.  I have a lawyer working for me now. I am in charge of all mission materials, and I am in charge of recording baptisms.  I have the transfer board so I know what is going on in each area.  I get to buy the food for the gatherings.  Oh, I also get to pick up the mail and deliver it.  I will replace Nysetvold.  I am learning as fast as I can because I only have 4 weeks to learn before he leaves.  We have one missionary that doesn´t speak English in the house and one that understands Spanish better in the office, so we kinda speak Spanglish in both places.

Tell me about your location.
Well,  I am in one of the richest areas of Panama and also one of the poorest.  We have skyscrapers next to little run down houses.  I am in the city.  The ward is called Cincuentenario. The people are really cool.  Lots of them speak English and they really care about the missionaries.

Tell me about your new apartment.
We live with 2 other missionaries on the 3rd story of an apartment complex.  It is really nice, and we have a washing machine and 2 bathrooms.  So, I live with Elder Nysetvold and Elder Taylor (my companionship) and Elder Wrigley (DL) and Elder Gonzalez.  There are five of us this change and then 4 next change.  Elder Nysetvold will be transferrred. I am a 5 minute bus ride plus a 5 minute walk from the office. My apartment is not air conditioned.  The office is.

What was new and interesting this week?
I met some new investigators that are ready to be baptized.  They are all reading in 2 Nephi or farther in the Book of Mormon and the story is a really cool chain of referrals.

Do people feed you in your new area?
They feed us when they can, We normally have to get food for lunches

Have you been teaching?
Yep.  We have a few great investigators.  They are all progressing well, and the members are willing to help.

Tell me something fun.
I went to the airport this week to drop off some missionaries that finished their missions. That is something else I will be doing for a while.

Tell me what you have learned.
Computers aren´t fun anymore. I use them for work now instead of play. I come use the computers everyday.

The elders from my last district.

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