Thursday, July 23, 2015

week 54

Still in Chorrera

So did people feed you this week?
Yes.  I got fed almost everyday.  We are doing good.  I think I am gaining some weight.

What did you do for p-day?
We went to a multi-zone activity.  We played soccer, basketball and Ultimate Frisbee with 5 other zones. But there were 120 of us. We were in San Miguelito. That is where the second biggest chapel in Panama is.  Our zone won the soccer match. We beat Panama Zone in the final.  We didn´t get to play frisbee.  It was a tournament, but we ran out of time because we were still playing soccer.

Were you both well this week? 
We are ok.  He is not well tonight. We did work a little bit.

You teach Gospel Essentials class. How many people come to your class? What was your lesson this week?
We generally have 5 people in the class.  The lesson this week was Sacrifice.  Next week is Work and Personal Responsibility.

Did anything interesting happen?
I found out my part in the play for Saturday.  I have to have the vision of Moroni, translate the plates, organize the church, and organize the Relief Society.  All in Spanish.

Have you done any service?
Not this past week.  This coming week we will cut down a tree with machetes. We are going to a place called Fuente del Chase.  It is a members house.  We will use their machetes, not ours.  It is an orange tree.  We are mostly just trimming though. The oranges are really good.

Do you still play soccer for your daily exercise?
Yes.  I´m still not very good.

Tell me a funny thing that happened.
We are all teasing Hna Nuckols.  She is going home this week.  So we are doing our best to make her miss us all a lot. We sang songs like the Spanish version of God be with you till we meet again.  And part of a song that basically says.  {Bye everyone.  It is time to go}  She is going back to the US.

That is the Zone shirt this change.  We are all wearing them right now. Everyone signed them for each other.

Elder Polio, one of the Zone Leaders and Elder Broadhead

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