Friday, July 17, 2015

week 53

One Year!

You hit your one year mark! What did you do special to celebrate?
The tradition in the Panama mission is to burn a shirt on your one year day. I did burn one of my shirts.  I will send the pictures in a few minutes.  We went to a member´s house. We wrote on them and then we burned them with Elder Gibby.  It was good.

What have you been doing?
I have been studying the conference talks. The one from Elder Holland is still my favorite. In my scriptures, in Book of Mormon I am in Alma and in the New Testament I am in Corinthians.

What did you do for p-day?
We played soccer and basketball and we went to McDonald´s

What is your favorite thing about or in Panama?
The people are really nice. There is a woman here named Hma Carmen. She likes me and is nice to me. She is in the other ward. There is always a Hma that loves the missionaries and helps us. And I like patacones...

The houses are made of cinderblocks.  They are not big houses, just 2 or 3 rooms. Some have air conditioning, but not all.  Most are kind of dark, but they have single socket light bulbs at regular intervals.  The roads here are like regular roads.  And some have fruit trees, but they are wild trees, not planted.

The mission is more than 14 hours from end to end.  There are 220 something missionaries here.
What is your favorite food there?

Gotta go, Hello to everyone and thanks for the emails!

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