Sunday, July 12, 2015

week 52


How are you doing this week?
I´m doing good.  We went to Pricemart for lunch today.  It  is basically Panama Sam's Club.  We had a zone activity for someones birthday.  Now we are in internet.

We had a 4 hour long meeting this week. A post consejo meeting.  The district leaders just passed on the information that President said in their meetings.   

Did you do service this week?
We took out a bunch of heavy blocks that were used for a pathway.  We had to use a pickax to get them out, then we had to carry the blocks about 20 feet and put them there to level some stuff. We were just leveling someones front yard.  They wanted the path out.  We carried the blocks in our hands, no wheel barrow or anything.  We just had to move out the path that was there. We did not add anything new. They didn't really tell us why other than they just wanted their yard leveled.

Do you speak Spanish all the time now? do you think or dream in Spanish?
I speak Spanish almost always.  I have dreamed in Spanish a few times and I think in Spanish unless I am actively speaking English to someone.

What injuries, sickness, etc happened this week? :)
Nothing really happened this week.  We were boring. :P

Tell me about the youth there. What kind of goals do they have? 
They enjoy soccer.  That is about all that I see them doing.  Their goals typically come in soccer...

This is from the mission letter. Six of the elders (not Andrew) and 2 locals had problems with their boat. It sank and they had to swim for 4 hours. 

Seis de los misioneros (Élderes Maravilla, Laird, Perkes, Marchant, McGraw, y Barker) estaban viajando con el Pte. Díaz (el presidente del Distrito) hacia Narganá. Su lancha se llenó de agua y se hundió. Todos ellos pudieron nadar a la playa en Ukupa. Todos tenían puesto el chaleco salvavidas lo cual les ayudó con la larga distancia a nadar, lo cual les costó unas 4 horas

The moms of these missionaries posted their sons' accounts of the trouble on facebook. They were taking a 12 foot boat to the other island. The ocean got very rough and the overloaded boat was taking on water faster than they could bail. It quickly sank. The missionaries all had life jackets and tried to stay together. They were able to pray together before getting separated. They were several miles out in the ocean and the rough seas soon pulled them apart. The local people realized what had happened and sent larger boats out to look for them. Some tried to swim for land and one by one they were all eventually found and rescued. They were in the water for four or more hours. The Kuna people took good care of them and all are fine. It was a terrifying time for all involved and we are thankful for God's protection. 

That is a really big duro.  It is basically frozen juice. It is a popsicle.  You bite off a corner of the bag and start to eat it like that

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