Saturday, July 4, 2015

week 51

Feeling Better

How was the temple?   
The temple was good.  We got to see the grounds then, we went in and did a session.  Pres and Sis Carmack were in our session along with their recently returned son.  It was a really good experience.

What else did you do this week?
I worked some and had a couple of lessons with part member families.  The end of the week was terrible because we both got food poisoning from our lunch. I think it was undercooked chicken that did it.

How is the weather?
It is pretty good.  It is raining right now.  That should help it get cooled down.  That is the good thing about the rain.

Have you been able to work this week?
Monday night through Thursday lunch, we worked.  Then with the food poisoning, we were told to stop. My head, where I got hit, doesn`t hurt anymore.  I felt fine after 2 or 3 days.  Same thing with the food poisoning. It only lasted a couple of days, then back to normal.

Have you tried mangos?
Remember my concussion?  The sister gave us almost  200 mangis,  We have been eating tons. I haven`t climbed any more trees.  And the mangos are ok.

Does Chorrera have sort of a town square like AD had? 
It is not really a square.  It is a central area.  There is a grocery store and lots of little stores.  The city is mostly old buildings with a few new ones being built.  They are made of cinderblocks.  Normally all the storefronts are colorful and most houses are too.  My house is a brownish color.  It is not fun. :P

Tell me more about the bishop. you said he was "hands on." what does that mean? 
Well, We don`t have a Ward Mission Leader, so he acts like ours.  He is very involved with us and he helps us out with some stuff.  Also, he is really pushing the Young Men to do their jobs.  He assigns everything for the sacrament. It isn't just whoever.

How do you like the people there?
They are great.  We play soccer with the youth a ton.  The kids are harder because all the kids are under 5. I haven't had a lot of experience with young kids before now. 

Tell me something fun.  
I got to go to the mall for lunch and to buy contact solution. We ate at Taco Bell.
It is like an American mall.  It is called the Westland Mall.  I had to go to Arraijan. It is the mall close to where I lived when I lived there.
There wasn't really anything fun planned for p-day. We didn`t have time to play soccer.  We went and bought my contact stuff.  We went to a sports store to look for a new soccer ball, and to see if they had any cheap original soccer jerseys.  They didn`t have any that I wanted.

Some of the missionaries here get a mini missionary to work with.  Those are missionaries from here that live in the mission and we use them as comps when there aren`t enough missionaries that are set apart. It is a cool way to serve a short mission.

Talk to you next week. Have a Happy Fourth!

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