Thursday, June 25, 2015

week 50


Did anything exciting happen this week?
We will go to the temple tomorrow. That will be my p-day.  I just got to come to internet today to email home. We have a new rule by President.  Temple day takes the place of p-day.  We can still use internet because our families will be expecting Mondays.  We don`t really have anything fun this week.  Polio got sick and then I got a mild concussion.

Did you have any great lessons? expound...marriage dates?...
I can't think of one particular lesson that stands out.  The Mexican couple is working on their visas though.  We are trying to get them married. They are foreigners.  They need to have a visa so that Mexico and Nicaragua will support the marriage.

What service did you do this week?
We were dropping mangos from a tree for one of the families.  I was on the ground picking up the mangos and Elder Polio was in the tree knocking them down. Elder Polio hit one that was about 5 meters up.  It fell and hit me in the head.  He just knocked one down when I had told him not to hit more while I was under there.  I just got dizzy and went down.  Thus explains the mild concussion. I had to take it easy a few days, but it is okay now.

Tell me what you have learned about playing soccer? 
I am not very good at offense but I have learned how to play defense well.  I can kick the ball far because of my band muscles.  It helps some. Who would have guessed that about band?

How is the bishopric in your new ward?
They are all young.  Bishop Rodriguez is a hands on bishop.  We have Family Home Evening with him tonight.

What do you do on days that Elder Polio is sick?
I study and do what I can.  And I read old Liahona Magazines.  I had a list of scriptures and talks and stuff for you, but I forgot to bring my agenda.  The best talk was "Safety for the Soul", Elder Holland 2009.  There is also a song that I like a lot. It is Vocal Point Noyana Come, Come ye saints. Google it.

I listen to Vocal Point during internet time and this came up. You should watch the half time show Wisconsin /BYU now 2010.  Vocal Point is singing marching band music. You will recognize a lot of it. And remember the other one, Noyana Come come Ye Saints also by Vocal Point

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