Sunday, June 21, 2015

week 49

Still Chorrera

What changes happened? 
I am still in Chorrera with Elder Polio.  There are only 4 new people in the zone.  Elder Senden from Florida came.  He will be trained by my DL.  We did good. Elder Polio goes home in 4 months, so he will probably get transferred next change.

Did you have interviews with President? 
I did.  We talked about normal stuff.  We normally just talk and I ask permission questions.  Like if I am actually allowed to do the part of Joseph Smith in the play.  He thinks it would be great for me to be Joseph because I ¨have such a strong testimony of the restoration and{by the play} can help other get one.

What did you do for p-day? 
We played soccer and went to have a welcome lunch for Elder Senden.  Elder Senden is a really good player.  He might be the best of us.  I haven´t learned how to play very well.  Elder Polio is trying to teach me, but it is hard.

What kind of service did you do this week? Did you get injured? 
We didn´t do service this week, so no one got hurt

What do the people feed you? and how often do you get fed? 
It is normally white rice and chicken.  This week I get fed almost every meal.  They send around a calendar every 2 weeks and those families feed us for 2 weeks.  We have 6 set meals regularly.

Do you ever cook?
I cook sometimes, but it is only egg sandwiches.

Is your apartment clean? do you have sheets on your bed? 
I got a brownie... The secretaries with Elder Nysetvold, said that my apartment is clean.  If they come to inspect your apartment and it is clean, they give you brownies. Yes, I washed my sheets last week and they are on my bed.

What advice do you have for the missionaries getting ready to go to the MTC? 
Get ready to work.  That is all.

Tell me about Chorrera. 
There are a lot more people than there are in Newnan.  It is one of the larger cities in Panama, but not nearly like Panama City. There are a lot of things going on and activity.  There are lots of cars and lots of people on the buses. There is just a lot going on and lots of people. A lot of the people are pretty friendly, but some are not. Many of the people recognize us as missionaries.

Tell me something good or fun.
J hasn't been going to church since I left Aguadulce. I am going to start writing to him.  He sent me an email is in my inbox.

There is not really anything new.  We talked to a guy that doesn´t believe that man is capable of worshipping God and that God is the only one who will be saved. He came to church and that is where he got up and said all that.

Elder Barker got malaria on the islands recently. He had to move in with the assistants in Panama City. He is being treated. It makes you think twice about wanting to go to the islands!

That's all for this week. Thanks for the letters.

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