Friday, June 12, 2015

week 48

Zone Conference

You had Zone Conference, Did you get your mail?
I did get letters.  One was from when I was finishing up in AD.  It is 6 weeks old. It is slow, but I did get them.

What did you learn at Zone Conference?  Who did you get to see? 
I saw the guys from Aguadulce and Elder M.  I got to talk to a lot of people. I did learn a lot at ZC.  Elder Alonso is the 70 that came to see us and talk to us. He said some interesting stuff. The problem with explaining the stuff we learned is that I am not sure if the way I can type and say it will do it justice.  He explained some very powerful stuff and Plus I don´t have notes with me.  But he did promise us that if we use the area books, we will have 300 baptisms in July. I wrote down everything that Elder Alonso taught us.  He was the one that we were listening to in the mission blog pictures.  When the Zone Leaders came back from consejos with him, Elder A said that it was almost like listening to the voice of Jesus Christ himself. We learned a lot.  The picture on the blog of Jerusalem, to Jericho was an explanation of the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  I can´t explain that in writing. I am not good at that. 

Did you have interviews with Pres? How does he challenge you or encourage you? 
I didn´t have interviews this week.  Those should be next Friday.  He challenges me by giving me hard situations to figure out....In this companionship, I take the lead every other lesson. I also take the lead in most of the days' activities. In interviews, President asks us how we feel and some people tell him what they want to do. It doesn't mean that is what they will do, but he takes it into consideration. We talk about how things are going with companions, and the people and the work.

Any guesses about changes this week?
My guess is that I stay and and Elder P moves.  Elder P thinks that I will leave, go to the city, and he will stay. We will have to wait and see. I will let you know next week.

How big is Chorrera? 
Chorrera is one of the bigger cities away from Panama City. It is broken into areas. My area isn´t too big.  It is about 10 minutes long in a bus.  It is terrible trying to walk it. We are glad for the bus and that it is cheaper than some other cities.

You have been in Chorrera for a transfer now, do you  have a favorite person or family?
There are 2 families that I like the most.  One is Jorge R.  I told you about them.  The other is the Family R.  They are from Venezuela.  

Have you done anything new? Had any adventures?
Not really.  I was asked to be Joseph Smith (Adult Prophet JS) in a program for the primary. I played soccer, watched volleyball, and played capture your flag. I play soccer every morning, so I am practicing some.  I am getting better. We have fun

What do you do at church?
We take turns teaching Gospel Principles with the sister missionaries.

Tell me something good.
I finally got one of my mola ties. The tie says Malta Vigor.  It is a natural energy drink.  I drank a lot of those in Arraijan. It just has protein and sugar to keep us going. It is my souvenir to remember Arrajian.

Panama City Temple 

Picking mangos for some friends

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