Friday, June 5, 2015

week 47


So how are you?  Are you well?
I am good.  We are working everyday now and neither of us is sick.  I have been taking my vitamins. I think they are helping, but I need to buy more.  I only have one more. They are just expensive.

Have you met any new contacts? are you teaching anyone good?
New contacts, not so much.  We are working with 2 investigators that are married to members so that is going good. It is good to work with the members, and good to get the whole family together.

You were supposed to meet up with Arrijan. Did you see old friends? What did you do? It sounds like you do more with your district now.
I saw a couple of my friends from the MTC as well as some that I have served with in other places.  That was when we had the soccer tournament. Also, I finally got back my machetes... hehe.  But I did not get the jackets I left behind, they were gone.  We just usually go and play soccer. When we played zone soccer last time I did cut my leg on cement, but don't worry, it's okay. Our district covers a smaller area and we are closer together so it is easier to get together for service projects and activities.

What is your church building like?
 Our ward meets at the stake center.  Just look for my description of the building I went to in Caceres. It is the same kind of building. The other missionaries we do stuff with go to a different ward.  They are in the only branch in Chorrera.  

Tell me about the area around Chorrera. 
My area is more flat, but there are some small hills.  Some areas of Chorrera has a lot of hills.  There are the same kind of plants as all the other areas I have been in. Mostly that tall mondo grass stuff, like the pampas grass at home. A few trees, etc.  I have lizards running in my house all the time. They are plain brown ones and they annoy us...

Have you been teaching? We pretty much teach the same things as always.  We went on divisions with the District Leaders and I helped teach a new investigator.  She was really positive.  Also, someone I taught while on divisions with the Zone Leader got baptized on Saturday, and the other one I helped teach will get baptized this Saturday. It is exciting.

Dad said you finally tried the fresh coconut. How was it? 
It was good.  Elder P got it and did it all.  You use a machete to cut off the outside until you get to the hard part and then you use the tip of the machete to open one of the holes.  You drink the milk and then you normally use a hammer to break it open.  He used a machete... It was really good, not like coconut at home from the store.

What kind of service have you done lately?We knocked down an old tree house and cleaned up the area.  We used a baseball bat as a hammer to tear it down.  Elder G and I did the best with that. It was for a woman in Progreso, where the District Leaders live.  It was all rotten and was a mess so she wanted it down.  It took us about 4 hours to get it all taken care of. 

Tell me something funny or good from this week.
The Zone Leaders baptized someone I taught. The rain hasn't been to bad yet. I did go to dinner one day and get soaked, but not everyday. It does rain at night a lot.

A note from me:  Dear Elder has stopped their free pouch mail service. You can still email him at or send letters or cards, etc to the address on this page with an international stamp. It takes about 6 weeks for him to get mail. He has a hard time getting a letter out, I have not gotten one yet. But he does email every Monday. He loves hearing from friends and family at home. Thanks!

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