Friday, May 29, 2015

week 46

A Quick Update

What did you do this week? 
So Monday we Played soccer with the zones from Panama.  We lost, but we had fun and I saw a few friends there.  Tuesday, we went to a place called Valle Dorado to contact and to set appointments with the people that we have there.  Wednesday, we did the same thing, but in a place called La Industrial.  Thursday, we had district meeting and then we taught a sister a little about the restoration.  Saturday, we had training with the zone and that was good.  Sunday was church.

What is your favorite thing about serving in Chorrera?
The buses are a lot cheaper and we can go to the city more often

What is the best thing about your companion?
He listens to what I have to say.  A lot of my other comps said we are going to do this, but Elder P wants to know what I think and we talk about things.

Who is your favorite family/person in Chorrera? and why?
I`m good friends with J. R.  He is a recently reactivated member and his wife is an investigator.  He likes history and so we have some fun conversations.  His favorite thing is WW2. We can talk about a lot.

How is your cut finger? and how is Elder P's hand? Are you able to be out working again?
They are both closed up and we have been working.  Not a lot because now he has the flu, but its not terrible.

Tell me about your apartment. 
It is not as big as the one in AD.  It is a duplex.  Our kitchen is just another bedroom, but we put the fridge and stove in there.  I don`t have a washing machine.  I hang up my clothes outside.  That`s bad when it starts to rain.  My feet hang off the mattress, but not the frame.  The frame would even be big enough for Elder D.

How is the weather? 
It is normally sunny, but sometimes it rains and when it rains, it pours...

That is all I got this week. I was not available to "chat" so I am lucky to get this. I am sure he appreciates everyone letters and prayers. Please keep them coming.

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