Thursday, May 14, 2015

week 44

Mother's Day Skype

Missionaries get to call or skype home twice a year, Christmas and Mother's Day. It is wonderful to get email from him every week, but I have to say it was absolutely wonderful to get to see him and hear his voice and especially his laugh. He had loaned his good webcam to some hermanas so they could skype home and he used the cell phone as his camera with a church member's computer at their home. I am proud of him being generous, but I did tell him that at Christmas, I expect his camera with a better picture of him!

He is doing very well and looks healthy and happy. It was fun to listen to him switch easily back and forth between English and Spanish as he talked to us and to the people in the room with him. He is tan and all smiles. The people are kind to him and friendly and helpful. They feed him (He ate dinner while we talked to him) and take care of him. He lives closer to several Americans, and some of the local people speak English, so he is speaking English more often now.

He is serving in an area that is more city, with the busy activity and a lot going on. He rides the express bus to the middle of town, then back to the area close to home. The rest of the time is walking and working. He is part of a smaller ward (congregation) with about 100 people weekly.  The area is smaller, so the Zone gets together more often and works together. They do a lot of service, working in the yards, etc. He is back to using the machetes to cut the grass and he even cut down a tree with his machete....and his finger, but he waited until it was healed to tell me about it.

He said to tell everyone hello and thank you for all the prayers and support!

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