Thursday, May 7, 2015

week 43


Where are you? Who is your comp?
Ok.  So I had changes.  We were a shocked about changes because at 10 o'clock we got a call saying no changes for us and then at 12:00 we got anoher call saying changes. I am in Barrio 1b of the Chorrera Zone now.  My real comp is Elder P.  I am senior comp. You heard about him when I was in Arraijan.  Right Now, I am one of the Zone Leaders because one of them is out sick for a while and I am on divisions with the other. The companionship with Elder P will be good.  He and I have worked together before and it should be good.  It will just be a little hard getting up in the mornings.  Neither of us like getting up at 630.  But don't worry, we will. He is from El Salvador.

Tell me about your area. 
My area is big.  It is right next to Arraijan. is made up of 5 subdivisions, but they are subdivisions like Arbor Springs as far as in size and distance, not houses. The area is poor. The roads are mostly paved, but not all of them. The stuff around here is the same as normal. There are lots of stray dogs, cats, and lots of chickens and stuff like that. It gets kind of cold at night. It might  just feel cold because of all the rain. I don't have my jacket, I left it in Arrijan. I will look for it when I go there.

Where have you been this week? What have you done?
I have been going to the different areas of my new area and the ZLs area.  I have mostly been meeting members, but we did teach a couple of lessons.

What have you been eating?
We eat lots of rice and generally chicken or hot dogs.  The other day we went and bought a pizza because we didn`t have dinner. We don't have regular meals, people sign up to feed us.

What is your apartment like? and who lives there?It is small and run down.  Only Elder P and I live there.  Elder P is actually doing really good now. He goes home in November. It will be good. My ward is Barrio Chorrera.  I don`t have as many chinos now.  It is more grocery stores. I am back to riding buses, not as much walking. 

I will call on Sunday afternoon. We are calling from a member's house in the other area. We are planning on Skype, I will ask Pres about google hangout. We will have to wait and see.

Talk to you Sunday!

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