Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sorry this update is late. I missed a week while I was away on a Memorial Day trip. I will get this week's email up in a couple of days.

week 45


What did you do this week? 
We were stuck in the clinic most of the week.  Elder P had a problem with his finger so we had to get that fixed.  We aren`t sure. what happened.  It got really swollen and there was a lot of infection or something in it.  We had to have that drained and now, we can`t leave the house tomorrow. We went to a multi-zone p day today for a soccer tournament.  That was fun.

Did J's mom and brother get baptized? Did you get to go to the temple? 
The whole family got baptized and I went with them. The baptism was good.  She got baptized in Cardenas.  That is the chapel at the temple.  She was very happy to see me.  I have pictures. I didn`t go to the tour of the temple grounds with them because the new rule is that if you go to the temple that is your p day.

How have you and Elder P been doing this week? 
We did good apart from the finger thing.  I get up an hour early here.  hehe  For our daily exercise, we go to the church to play soccer with the Zone Leaders and 2 other missionaries.  That is why I get up an hour early.

Tell me about your new area. 
The city is not really like cities in the States, but there is a downtown area. There are regular shops, like clothing stores and restaurants, but not the same as at home. There are street vendors here. They mostly sell all kinds of different foods. There is not an open air market. The people here feed us. We are still eating the same kinds of things.  Just different people feed me now, not always the same people..

How do you like your new ward? What do you do at church?
It is good.  I teach Gospel Principles.

What was p-day this week?
We went for a soccer tournament.  We played in Cinta Costera.  It was 10 of the 12 elders of the zone and the zones from Arraijan, Panama, and San Miguelito. I am later than normal this week because we played soccer for a while. 

I have some pictures from Aguadulce that I couldn't download at the old computers.

Hma T   She fed me almost everyday in AD

We helped build their house.

our District

Elder D and me playing catch

  And pictures from the zoo

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