Friday, May 29, 2015

week 46

A Quick Update

What did you do this week? 
So Monday we Played soccer with the zones from Panama.  We lost, but we had fun and I saw a few friends there.  Tuesday, we went to a place called Valle Dorado to contact and to set appointments with the people that we have there.  Wednesday, we did the same thing, but in a place called La Industrial.  Thursday, we had district meeting and then we taught a sister a little about the restoration.  Saturday, we had training with the zone and that was good.  Sunday was church.

What is your favorite thing about serving in Chorrera?
The buses are a lot cheaper and we can go to the city more often

What is the best thing about your companion?
He listens to what I have to say.  A lot of my other comps said we are going to do this, but Elder P wants to know what I think and we talk about things.

Who is your favorite family/person in Chorrera? and why?
I`m good friends with J. R.  He is a recently reactivated member and his wife is an investigator.  He likes history and so we have some fun conversations.  His favorite thing is WW2. We can talk about a lot.

How is your cut finger? and how is Elder P's hand? Are you able to be out working again?
They are both closed up and we have been working.  Not a lot because now he has the flu, but its not terrible.

Tell me about your apartment. 
It is not as big as the one in AD.  It is a duplex.  Our kitchen is just another bedroom, but we put the fridge and stove in there.  I don`t have a washing machine.  I hang up my clothes outside.  That`s bad when it starts to rain.  My feet hang off the mattress, but not the frame.  The frame would even be big enough for Elder D.

How is the weather? 
It is normally sunny, but sometimes it rains and when it rains, it pours...

That is all I got this week. I was not available to "chat" so I am lucky to get this. I am sure he appreciates everyone letters and prayers. Please keep them coming.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sorry this update is late. I missed a week while I was away on a Memorial Day trip. I will get this week's email up in a couple of days.

week 45


What did you do this week? 
We were stuck in the clinic most of the week.  Elder P had a problem with his finger so we had to get that fixed.  We aren`t sure. what happened.  It got really swollen and there was a lot of infection or something in it.  We had to have that drained and now, we can`t leave the house tomorrow. We went to a multi-zone p day today for a soccer tournament.  That was fun.

Did J's mom and brother get baptized? Did you get to go to the temple? 
The whole family got baptized and I went with them. The baptism was good.  She got baptized in Cardenas.  That is the chapel at the temple.  She was very happy to see me.  I have pictures. I didn`t go to the tour of the temple grounds with them because the new rule is that if you go to the temple that is your p day.

How have you and Elder P been doing this week? 
We did good apart from the finger thing.  I get up an hour early here.  hehe  For our daily exercise, we go to the church to play soccer with the Zone Leaders and 2 other missionaries.  That is why I get up an hour early.

Tell me about your new area. 
The city is not really like cities in the States, but there is a downtown area. There are regular shops, like clothing stores and restaurants, but not the same as at home. There are street vendors here. They mostly sell all kinds of different foods. There is not an open air market. The people here feed us. We are still eating the same kinds of things.  Just different people feed me now, not always the same people..

How do you like your new ward? What do you do at church?
It is good.  I teach Gospel Principles.

What was p-day this week?
We went for a soccer tournament.  We played in Cinta Costera.  It was 10 of the 12 elders of the zone and the zones from Arraijan, Panama, and San Miguelito. I am later than normal this week because we played soccer for a while. 

I have some pictures from Aguadulce that I couldn't download at the old computers.

Hma T   She fed me almost everyday in AD

We helped build their house.

our District

Elder D and me playing catch

  And pictures from the zoo

Thursday, May 14, 2015

week 44

Mother's Day Skype

Missionaries get to call or skype home twice a year, Christmas and Mother's Day. It is wonderful to get email from him every week, but I have to say it was absolutely wonderful to get to see him and hear his voice and especially his laugh. He had loaned his good webcam to some hermanas so they could skype home and he used the cell phone as his camera with a church member's computer at their home. I am proud of him being generous, but I did tell him that at Christmas, I expect his camera with a better picture of him!

He is doing very well and looks healthy and happy. It was fun to listen to him switch easily back and forth between English and Spanish as he talked to us and to the people in the room with him. He is tan and all smiles. The people are kind to him and friendly and helpful. They feed him (He ate dinner while we talked to him) and take care of him. He lives closer to several Americans, and some of the local people speak English, so he is speaking English more often now.

He is serving in an area that is more city, with the busy activity and a lot going on. He rides the express bus to the middle of town, then back to the area close to home. The rest of the time is walking and working. He is part of a smaller ward (congregation) with about 100 people weekly.  The area is smaller, so the Zone gets together more often and works together. They do a lot of service, working in the yards, etc. He is back to using the machetes to cut the grass and he even cut down a tree with his machete....and his finger, but he waited until it was healed to tell me about it.

He said to tell everyone hello and thank you for all the prayers and support!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

week 43


Where are you? Who is your comp?
Ok.  So I had changes.  We were a shocked about changes because at 10 o'clock we got a call saying no changes for us and then at 12:00 we got anoher call saying changes. I am in Barrio 1b of the Chorrera Zone now.  My real comp is Elder P.  I am senior comp. You heard about him when I was in Arraijan.  Right Now, I am one of the Zone Leaders because one of them is out sick for a while and I am on divisions with the other. The companionship with Elder P will be good.  He and I have worked together before and it should be good.  It will just be a little hard getting up in the mornings.  Neither of us like getting up at 630.  But don't worry, we will. He is from El Salvador.

Tell me about your area. 
My area is big.  It is right next to Arraijan. is made up of 5 subdivisions, but they are subdivisions like Arbor Springs as far as in size and distance, not houses. The area is poor. The roads are mostly paved, but not all of them. The stuff around here is the same as normal. There are lots of stray dogs, cats, and lots of chickens and stuff like that. It gets kind of cold at night. It might  just feel cold because of all the rain. I don't have my jacket, I left it in Arrijan. I will look for it when I go there.

Where have you been this week? What have you done?
I have been going to the different areas of my new area and the ZLs area.  I have mostly been meeting members, but we did teach a couple of lessons.

What have you been eating?
We eat lots of rice and generally chicken or hot dogs.  The other day we went and bought a pizza because we didn`t have dinner. We don't have regular meals, people sign up to feed us.

What is your apartment like? and who lives there?It is small and run down.  Only Elder P and I live there.  Elder P is actually doing really good now. He goes home in November. It will be good. My ward is Barrio Chorrera.  I don`t have as many chinos now.  It is more grocery stores. I am back to riding buses, not as much walking. 

I will call on Sunday afternoon. We are calling from a member's house in the other area. We are planning on Skype, I will ask Pres about google hangout. We will have to wait and see.

Talk to you Sunday!

Friday, May 1, 2015

week 42

Lost Wallet

So...What is up with you?
We are here in internet cafe.  I have good news and bad news.  Bad news... I lost my wallet.  It had my license, my MTC card, and cash.  That's all, nothing else.  I just need to buy a new one.  I bought ice cream, and I thought I put my wallet in my pocket. When I got home, it was gone...I asked at the store about it.  They are checking the cameras. I will go back tomorrow to see what they say.  I don't think I will need my license, so i should be okay. I will just have to live off my emergency funds until next week.
Good news... Juan got baptized and his mom and brother get baptized next week.

What have you done this week?
We went to a baptism and did the normal stuff.

How is the rain? 
It was good.  It rained really hard and then stopped.  After the picture of us in the rain, I forgot my umbrella in a bus... Now I don't have an umbrella. In the rainy season it rains everyday.

What kind of service have you been doing?  
We helped fix someone's roof.  Then we leveled the area behind our house. The lady that feeds us lives behind us. I haven´t been to the house we were helping build in a while. I am not sure how it is going.

How are things going with J's mother? 
She and J's brother are going to get baptized on Sunday. I will probably be gone already. I will probably get transferred this week, it is Changes. I will let you know next week.

Did you get to watch the Meet the Mormons movie?  
I did not, but yesterday I saw a movie called Charly.  It is by the church and really good. We decided not to go to the Meet the Mormons because we were tired and didn't plan on meeting anyone there.  I will see it later.

What did you learn during your time in Aguadulce? What will they remember about you? 
I learned it is good to take things slowly.  Also, because the people are all short,  I learned that if you are tall,  anything is all right.  I guess the people will remember me for my 5 talks I have given sine I have been here.

These are pictures from the day at the zoo.