Friday, April 24, 2015

week 41

A Trip to the Zoo

How is the girl that had the baby? 
They are both home from the hospital and doing well.  His name is Jorge.

What will you do for zone conference coming up next week? 
We might go to the city because they want us to watch a movie as a mission.  I should get my mail.  I got some the other day from the first of March.

Are you taking those expensive vitamins? 
I have been. I feel good.  A little sleepy tired, but nothing else. I am feeling better.  Maybe when I move I can find some cheaper.

I know that you might transfer next week, , but do you know anything about Mother's Day calls yet? 
My web cam is in my bag in case there isn't a camera wherever I am.  I think I will get to call Sunday afternoon and then have my regular p day on Monday. I will let you know next week. I am looking forward to it.

What has happened this week? Anything new or exciting?
Well we went to a zoo today and with all of the exotic animals, I saw a white tail deer.... very exotic.  :-)  Really it was mostly stuff you can find here in Central America.  There were lots of birds, a jaguar, some frogs, a snake, and stuff like that. It was good.  We had fun, until it rained . We also dug a hole the other day.

It is monsoon season in Newnan. Has the rain started in AD? Tell me about it.
It rained once. It rained pretty hard and then was humid the rest of the day. It rained a lot and the streets were flooded then, but after, it went away pretty quickly.

How are things going in your area?
Everything is good in AD.  J and his mom are doing good.  The mom told us that WHEN (not if) she gets baptized she wants to be baptized in a river. The woman that is a member that hasn't been coming much, came to church, too. We have been working with her and teaching them.

What are you studying? 
I have been reading the old testament.  I am in Proverbs.  Also.  In the BoM I am in 1 Nephi  21.

Time to go. Talk to you next week!

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